Facebook Answer – Facebook Answering Questions

The Facebook answer is just all about answering questions on Facebook. You can answer questions on Facebook in many ways e.g. your friend can ask you a question while chatting with that friend and you can easily answer the person. Besides that, there is a feature or tool on Facebook that is specifically made for this.

Facebook Answer - Facebook Answering Questions

If you are conversant with the Facebook platform, then you should know about this. But since you don’t know about this, it is not too late, you can still know about it. Just follow me on this special piece and get the relevant knowledge you need to know about this facebook tool.

How to Answer Questions on Facebook?

You can answer a question on Facebook in different ways. Many people are already making use of the facebook questions tool unknowingly to them. If you want to answer questions on Facebook you should have a Facebook account or if you do not have a Facebook account, you can create a Facebook account. Let’s look at the required steps to log in or create an account on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Set up Steps

Before you can set up a Facebook account, you need to open your web browser or open Facebook app on your device. For web users, visit Facebook URL, www.facebook.com. Then now for both users, on the new page, you have to click “create new account” below the log in button. Next, you should enter your first name then last name. in the second box enter your email address and type in the password you like to use for the account below the email address box.

Then your date of birth e.g. date, month, and year. Choose your gender if male or female and click sign up. A page will appear that require verification code click “send me verification code”. The code will be sent to your device. Open the message inbox and copy the code and paste it into the verification code box and click verify. Facebook will notify you that you are now using Facebook, so you can now use the Facebook platform.

Steps to Login Facebook Account

Facebook login steps, there is no big deal on how you can log in your account on Facebook. First is to lunch any of your web browser or your Facebook app on your device. If you’re the type that is using a web browser, you have to go to the Facebook site URL, www.facebook.com that is all. Now for both web browser and Facebook app user, after lunching and going to the Facebook site. Then you have to enter your login details in that page and click the login button. Then now let go to how you can ask questions on Facebook.

To Answer Questions on Facebook

After logging in your Facebook account, click the post or create at the top of your screen. Then click the three dots in the box to see more options. Then click answer a question. Then click next or previous to look for questions and click answer and type in your answer and click share or post.