Advertising on Facebook is on the cheapest means to advertise online today. ‘Facebook advertise’ can be seen as a way of showcasing your business or product to different individuals to gain public awareness of your products or services and also get more audience on your page. Advertising on Facebook is not like every other type of advertising that you must have come across on the internet.

Facebook Advertise - Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook is very reliable for advertising your products because according to calculations today over 80% of internet users have some presence on the Facebook so you are likely to reach out to the people interested in your product on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook is very measurable. To advertise on Facebook, you need to be on the Facebook platform.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is an online social media outlet that allows people to connect and share with friends. On the Facebook platform, you can share your video clips and images with your friends on your timeline. Watch interesting short video clips on your newsfeed. You can use the Facebook marketplace to buy and sell locally. Play games and also compete or invite friends to play. You can chat live by Going Live on Facebook and inviting friends to join you. Facebook mobile app is free on the appstore of any device that you are using. Also, Facebook is easy and also user friendly.

Facebook Accounts

If you want to use the Facebook platform for making your adverts and also reach a large audience you will need to have a Facebook account. Follow the instructions below;

  • Proceed to the Facebook official webpage at or launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • On the sign up form, enter your surname, your first name, email address or mobile number and then create a password for your new account.
  • Select your birthday and indicate the gender you are by tapping on male or female.
  • Then tap on “Sign up”.

The Facebook account will be created and then a confirmation mail will be sent to your mail box, click on the link attached to verify the account, or type in the code that will be sent your mobile number to verify the account.

You can also logon to your Facebook account, if you already have one. Follow the guidelines below;

  • Proceed to or open the mobile apk on your device.
  • Type in your email address or the mobile number and the account password.
  • Then hit on “Log in”.

The Facebook account will be loaded if the account logon details are filled in correctly.

Types of Fb Ads

If you want to create an ad on the Facebook platform, there are many types you can choose from to make the ad. Below is the list of Ad types which you can use for you Ads;

  • Lead Ads.
  • Dynamic Ads.
  • Collection Ads.
  • Slideshow Ads.
  • Carousel Ads: this kind of ad use up to 10 photographs or videos to showcase your product.
  • Video Ads: They show your product or service in action or they can be inspirational.
  • Photo Ads: In this ad type, you create a photo ad by clicking on boosting an existing post with an image from your Facebook page.

How to Create Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be quick easy with the right tools and aim, first thing you need to do, is to logon to Facebook Ad manager on your page and choose the Campaign tab, then tap on “Create” to get started with a Facebook ad. Follow the instructions below;

  • Select your major Objective: your brand awareness, the people you want to reach, etc.
  • Create a new for Campaign.
  • Set up your ad account.
  • Target the audience you want to reach or the visitors you want on your page.
  • Select the ad Placements.
  • Set your Fb ads budget, bidding and schedule.
  • Then tap on “Create ad” to create your Facebook advert.

The Facebook advert will be created. You can boost the ad or post to get much more visitors or audience or comments, likes or shares on your product.