Hello everyone, what are the Facebook ads tutorial? Today in this article I will be delving deeply into the world of digital advertising, Facebook advertising to be more precise. I will be giving you a step-by-step guide on everything Facebook ads. In other words, if you are new to the platform, you will be learning more about Facebook advertising. Now before anything else what are Facebook ads?

Facebook Ads Tutorial - Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial | Ads on Facebook

What Are Facebook Ads?

Up until now, most people don’t even know that Facebook now allows ads on its platform. the thing is that they have come across it a couple of times but they do not know. We already know what ads are, the thing now is how we notice them on Facebook. As a Facebook user, ads do appear in the newsfeed on both desktop and mobile on your Facebook page. It also appears on the right column of Facebook on the desktop.

Why You Must Advertise

If you are business personnel then advertising is a must for you. if you want your business to grow you need to advertise. Advertising is an integral part of every business no matter the size of the business. Just in case you are finding it hard to advertise your business, here are some reasons why you should and must advertise.

  1. To make the public aware of your brand and business.
  2. You advertise to create a buzz around your business
  3. And lastly you advertise to make people want to get the product or service that are being advertised.

If you have any doubts, I hope you have been convinced of the importance of advertising with the above.

What Is Marketing

Marketing is very much like advertising. Personally, I think advertising is a branch of marketing. Marketing is a business tool that people use to tell a business story. Businesses do marketing for three main reasons and they are;

  1. To increase brand awareness. To increase brand awareness you can use these basic tools. Through TV, radio and printed mediums.
  2. To also get more and more people to consider your brand. The tools to use here are TV, online display, print and through direct mail.
  3. And you market to make people get your products.

You see marketing is very much like advertising.

Benefits of Marketing Online

This business tool is very important and has lots of benefits. Below are some benefits of marketing online;

  1. With marketing brands and businesses get more advanced targeting options. When marketing and advertising on facebook, there are options you have to put in mind and practice and they are; location, language, age and gender, interests, connections, behaviors and custom audience.
  2. With marketing online you can easily schedule and control the budget of your ads. As these ads cost more sometimes.
  3. Also you can easily track your ads and how they are performing in real time.

That’s all for now on the benefits of marketing online.

Marketing Terms You Should Know

As a business that wants to go into the marketing and advertising business, there are some terms you should know about during the advertising process. Below are some marketing terms you should know about?

  1. The parts that makes up an advert.
  2. Understanding ad auctions.
  3. Things to know when creating your ad.
  4. And lastly terms to look out for while you are looking at how your advertising is fairing online.

These terms vary on different advertising platforms. But the one above is strictly for Facebook advertising.

How to Know If Your Ads Are Doing Well

There are things to look out for to know how your ads are faring online. To know if your ads are reaching the required target you have to look out for these items below;

  1. Understand the return on advertising spent.
  2. You need to know to view your advertising results.
  3. Also you should know when your ads are adding to your business.
  4. You need to improve your ads performance time to time. In other words your ads campaign of today should be better than your ads campaign of yesterday.

Now I think I am done on the whole Facebook ads tutorial topic. Study this article very well and do well to follow each guide to reach your desired goal. Once you have done all these you should be ready to create your very own Facebook ad