What is a Facebook ads manager? Do you know about it? Are you thinking of using it? Maybe you are new to the Facebook audience network and you are looking for a way to build and push your business on Facebook, if yes then you need the Facebook ads manager.

Facebook Ads Manager - Facebook Business Manager | Facebook Business Manager Overview

This is a Facebook tool that is being used by almost everyone making use of the Facebook business platform. But do you know that as popular as this very feature is, not everyone knows about it. Well, I will be telling you what it is and how it works in a few because that’s what this article is all about. But first what are Facebook ads?

What Are Facebook Ads

If you are conversant with the Facebook platform then you should know what Facebook ads are. We all have come across them knowingly and unknowingly. Facebook ads in the simplest of terms are ads running on the Facebook platform. That’s that about that. Facebook ads appear in the news feed of our Facebook page on both desktop and on mobile. They can also be seen in the right column of Facebook on desktops.

Just in case you have been thinking of making use of facebook ads for your business, and you still are having doubts about its authenticity and originality, you don’t need to worry. As this is a platform that has been tested on numerous occasions. It has been around for some time now although not too long and has been able to stand the test of time. Facebook as many people think do doesn’t sell your info to advertisers. Facebook has also set policies in place to help protect your interest and experience with third-party apps and ads networks. To put this in plain text, the platform is safe, very much safe, I repeat.

How Does Facebook Ads Work

The Facebook ads platform is unique, in other words, this platform works in a unique way. These ads are targeted to specific users based on their demographic, profile information, and location. You should also know that Facebook ads are not free. You have to pay for your products to be advertised on Facebook.

Although Facebook’s CPC is lesser than any other advertising platform out there. Most people also ask on the cost of Facebook ads. The costs of ads on Facebook mainly depend on factors from the ad quality and also on the competition on the product the ads are portraying.

Types of Facebook Ads

There are different types of Facebook ads, but I will be listing out some of them not all for you. Below are the top types of Facebook ads;

  1. Video ads.
  2. Canvas ads
  3. Dynamic ads.
  4. Offer ads.
  5. Domain ads.
  6. Multi product ads.
  7. Lead ads.
  8. Sponsored mentions.

These are the most used ads on the Facebook platform.

How to Create a Facebook Ad

You will need a Facebook business account before you can create a Facebook ad. Once your Facebook business account has already been created follow the steps below to create your own Facebook ad;;

  1.   On your facebook business page, click on the add ad account under the ad account section.
  2. On the pop up page click on the create ad account under the create new a new ad account section.
  3. To successfully create the ad account you will need to set up your payment and billing method on the next pop up page.

That’s all you need to do to create a facebook ad account.

How to Manage Facebook Ads

On the Facebook ads manager you can set up ad campaigns, target specific audience, manage and modify media costs and also monitor and manage campaign preferences metrics. To access your Facebook ads manager, follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow in the right-hand corner of our Facebook page and click on Ads manager.
  2. Select ads objective.
  3. You will have to select your type of audience after you are done with ads objective.
  4. Set your billing and budget.
  5. Select and decide where to run your very own ad.
  6. Create your ad and the format you want them. We have formats like the single image, single video, slide show, collection, and carousel.
  7. Place an order of your ad.
  8. After your ad has gone live, you will start monitoring your ad performance.

If you follow the above carefully you can and will monitor your ads to get the desired result you want.