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A Facebook user recently asked a question if there’s anything like the facebook ads manager app. the answer to that question is yes. Although this Facebook ads manager app is new. Ever since the launch of the Facebook ads, it has been experiencing steady growth. There have been increasing demand and need for people to easily manage their Facebook ads. Facebook has taken a critical look at the whole situation and has come up with a solution. Previously the Ads manager never used to have a platform on any mobile app.

Facebook Ads Manager App - How to Use Ads Manager on Facebook

The facebook ads manager has only been accessible from the web. But just recently the facebook ads manager now have a mobile app. according to a survey, business owners now have little or no time on desktop PCs, but rather spend more time on their mobile devices. With the integration of the Ads manager app users can now manage their apps on the go. Making it more easy and convenient because this can easily be done from anywhere, just using your mobile device. Ever since its introduction to the public it has now been used by as much as over 800,000 active advertisers each month.

Benefits and Features of the Facebook Ads Manager App

Without any delay I will be telling you more on the benefits of the facebook ads manager app. below are some of the benefits and features of the facebook messenger app;

  1. With the facebook ads manager you can easily and most conveniently track your ads performance.
  2. You can easily edit ad schedules and budgets without having to stress yourself.
  3. You receive notifications regarding your ads all the time so as to be updated with your business on facebook.
  4. Also you can create new ads and at the same edit existing ads.

With the new ads manager app you as a user will have tremendous power over how your ads work on the platform.

How and Where To Access the Facebook Ads Manager App

Since it’s a mobile app you can access it on your mobile device. The app is available on both android and iOS devices. To download this app all you have to do is to visit your devices play store. On your devices play store you can either search for it or you can browse the apps on the social media apps category on your devices play or app store. Once you have seen the said app click on the install tab next to it. That’s all you need to do, immediately the app will be downloaded and installed to your device.