What is Facebook ads manager account? Not too long ago so many of us learned of the Facebook business platform. During that process, we also learned of the Facebook ads and everything it embodies. Now today I am going to be writing on the facebook ads manager account. But before I start writing on the facebook ads manager account, let’s do a little review on what we have learned so far concerning the facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Manager Account - Business.Facebook/Ads Manager

For the benefits of those persons who do not know about the facebook ads, here it is. The facebook ads simply are ads shown on the facebook platform. Those persons making use of facebook ads are those persons using facebook as a marketing tool. I am going to be stopping here on what the facebook ads mean. If you want to know more on facebook ads you can go through my previous contents and get all the knowledge you want.

What Is a Facebook Ads Manager Account?

The facebook ads manger account is an account that can only be accessed via a single facebook business manager account at once. But they can have more than one partner or other accounts that access and manage ads on its behalf.

Importance of a Facebook Ads Manager Account

The facebook ads manager account has lots of benefits, but you can only know this when you have made use it. Not just making use of it. I am talking about proper engagement with the platform. Below is some importance of having a facebook ads manager account

  1. This platform helps businesses making use of facebook as a marketing tool keep work and professional life completely separate.
  2. It’s a simple and easy platform to use as anyone can make use of the facebook business manager.
  3. With a facebook ads manager account you can easily manage your facebook ads. The platform helps users and advertisers integrate marketing efforts with external businesses and across their own business.

There are lots of other benefits and other reasons why you should have a facebook ad manager account. But like I said earlier you need to create your very own account to get this in full.

How to Create a Facebook Ads Manager Account

Since you already know that this is a facebook tool that helps organize and manage your business, if you haven’t created an account you should start thinking of creating an account, follow the steps below;

  1. On your device go to www.business.facebook.com.
  2. On the page click on create an account.
  3. You will have to enter a business name. Also select a primary page and enter your name and your work email. You will have to create a facebook business page if you don’t have one.
  4. After that you will lastly have to fill in the required fields to successfully create your account.

Note that before you begin you will need to have a facebook account to confirm your identity.