With the popularity of Facebook, the social media platform allows users to connect with people even businesses all around the world. However, every users and page on Facebook are assigned with a unique web address commonly referred to as “Facebook Address or Facebook Profile URL” in other for to identify the owner of the account and also allows you to navigate directly to it in your browser. On the contrary, Facebook allows businesses to majorly the Facebook page to run from a user perform timeline whereby assigning you with numerical identity.

Facebook Address - Facebook Website Address

Moreover, the Facebook address is generated from your business name or your profile name which may also be a nickname. However, the user address is a visible concept i.e. someone which is a friend with you can location your profile address. You can simply access the user profile and then check your browser’s current location. Note that when it comes to the aspect of a business page, the page address serves as benefits to make increase traffic, make your business well known and let people visit your timeline frequently.

Overview of your Facebook Web Address

On the contrary, there are tow basic facto that lead to the generation of the Facebook address which includes the username and user IDs which are apparently part of your public profile. The username is actually your web address for your profile or page which is represented ad Facebook.com/yourname and most time often a variation of your name like prince.dee234.

While your Facebook ID is actually a string of digit basically doesn’t personally identify you but serve as a connection to your Facebook profile. Your User ID is created automatically whether or not you decide to create a username. With the User ID people can allow people to see your profile, allows other apps to personalize your Facebook account and lots more.

Facebook Address – How to Access Your Facebook Web Address

Let me this you one amazing thing about the address of a user, with the URL address you can be able to access their profile without having to log in or with your web address you can easily just enter your password. To find your Facebook web address:

  • Go to www.facebook.com and log in to your account.
  • Click the profile button at the top of the page
  • And on the URL address there, you can find your Facebook address.

To find your Facebook Page address

  • Log into Facebook also just like the above step.
  • Next access your business page
  • When you have opened the page, copy the URL from the address bar in the browser.

Lastly, to determine the URL of your friend you can access your friend profile access. Then you can look at the URL that appears in your address bar you will see your friend’s profile with a string of number that is how to find the URL of someone.

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