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Facebook Ads- Facebook Ads Manager and Policies

by admin

Most time you might that you feel impervious when it’s come to Facebook ads. Whereby you probably, do get a decrease in your ad’s performance once in a while. Due to the fact that ads aren’t always available anywhere. However, it’s impossible to locate ads that you apparently want to revisit. Now, Facebook has announced a new feature called the Facebook ad activity or Recent Ad Activity. In other to help to view and manage your activity history for your ad account.

Facebook Ad Activity - Facebook Advertising Manager

On the contrary, the Facebook ad activity was initially rolled out in the United State which happens to shows the past months of ads that have been clicked, liked, commented on or even shared. It’s also has a feature or that of ads that you purposefully saved. The Facebook ad activity keeps tracks of changes that you make to your Facebook ad account. This also can be used as a security purpose to know who and who have tempered with your Facebook ads account. On the contrary, there are different ways to view Facebook ad activity.

Facebook Ad Activity – How to View Activity History on the Ads Manager

The Effectiveness of Facebook ad activity is more beneficial to people running ads on Facebook. Because when you view your activity history it allows you to see who made changes, what changes were made and the time the changes were made. Here is how to view activity history:

  • ­Go to the Ad Manager website and log in your ad account.  
  • Then you can select Account overview.
  • Next, select the clock icon to open the side panel.
  • Then you can open the Activity types drop-down menu and choose Account. Your activity history displays for your ad account.
  • Select See more to scroll through additional rows of your account history.

That are the following steps to know everything that happens in your ad account. This actually gives your insight about activities going on your account while you are offline. However, there are more convenient ways to check recent ad activity.

An additional Method to View Activities on the Mobile App

Besides, using the computer to check activity, in case you feel unsafe or receive unwanted messages. You can quickly access the mobile app to know what going on and who has accessed your account. This can be done with the Facebook mobile app and here is the step to do that.

  • Go to the Facebook mobile app
  • Ensure that you are logged into the services.
  • Then click the three dashed menu and select see more.
  • Lastly, click Recent Ad Activity.

Afterward, you can then view your ad account history from your mobile app.  Hence, you can go through history to view any form of imposters or see the changes made to most of your ad accounts.

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