Facebook account security page is a personal page on Facebook where you can set up a whole lot of things on your account. There are quite a number of settings you can find on the Facebook account security page; these settings can help you customize your Facebook information or data to how best you see it. This page can be accessed from whichever device you are using. This page is so unique that it can even be accessed and edited from any web-supported device.

Facebook Account Security Page -  How to Secure your Facebook Account | Facebook Security and Privacy

Accessing The Facebook Account Security Page

Accessing this page goes a long way when trying to keep your account and everything about private or far away from others. But accessing this page is very difficult for most people. Despite the information you can change on this page, most people still don’t know how to access it. To access this page, you need a Facebook account. This is because the Facebook account security page cannot be accessed by just anyone, only Facebook users can access this page.

How To Open A Facebook Account

Opening a Facebook account is the first step to accessing the security page on Facebook. I mean without a Facebook account, you can’t really do anything. To create a Facebook account,

  • Open up the Facebook website at www.facebook.com using any web supported device of your choice. You can even use a Pc if you have one. This would make the process more understandable and easy.
  • When the Facebook site loads scroll down and you would see a sign up form if you use a PC. If you use a mobile device or ta, kindly click the “Sign Up” button or link at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the form that would be visible to you shortly with all required details.
  • After filling the form, confirm your identity by providing the six digit code that was sent to your mobile number or email address.

Simply glide through the rest of the steps arranged in order to get your account set up.

How To Access The Facebook Account Security Page

Bravo, this is a great question. In fact this is the main purpose of this article. To access the security page on your Facebook account,

  • Log in to your Facebook account if you haven’t done so.
  • For Pc users, find the inverter triangle on the top navigation and click on it. From the new menu select settings. For those using mobile device, scroll down to the extreme bottom of the page and click on “Settings”.
  • From the nep page, click Security and Login”.

Wait a minute and you would be on the Facebook account security page.