With the internet, learning has been made very much easier compared to the old ways of learning. However, one of the ways by which learning has been made very much easier is the introduction of Duolingo for schools. Duolingo as we all know is a popular platform whereby different languages can be learned. However, in schools today, different languages are being taught to help students communicate easily when they find themselves in a different location whereby another language is being spoken. And then Duolingo for school have been developed to make teaching different languages very easy for teachers.

As a teacher, with Duolingo for schools, you can bring the world’s most popular language-learning platform to your classroom. However, not to worry about how Duolingo learning is. As it gives each student personalized feedback and practice enabling them to get the most out of the instructions given in the Duolingo classroom. Help your students learn different languages spoken around the world with Duolingo for schools. As the site uses fun, bite-sized lessons in a rich and fun environment which would help you meet each student at their level. Amazingly, the platform is free for any device you feel comfortable accessing it on and wherever you feel comfortable using it either home or classroom.

Why Should I Use Duolingo For Schools?

Without a doubt, Duolingo is one of the best language learning platforms on the internet. And it has even allowed students of any level to join like 300 million people around the world in gaining knowledge. But on Duolingo for schools, learning is broken down to the student’s level compared to the normal Duolingo platform. Besides, there are lots of benefits to gain from using Duolingo for schools. Some of these benefits include;

  • Teach a language for free
  • Access for free on any device of your choice which includes desktop or mobile device
  • Complement your curriculum
  • Accessible in any location

Above all meet your students exactly where they are. Also, increase their learning independence by giving assignments powered by Duolingo for schools personalized learning engine. But there are still lots of benefits to enjoy on the Duolingo platform aside from these. Visit the platform, join and enjoy these benefits and other unmentioned benefits.

How to Create a Class

To use Duolingo for school, you have to first create a class. Although, you might be expecting to see a creative class that requires you to create a group or class. But not to worry, the Get started button is also the create class button. Therefore, visit the website and click on the Get started button. Then follow these steps below to continue your class creation on Duolingo for schools.

  • Enter the name your students call you
  • Click on the next button
  • On the next page, enter your Duolingo classroom name, language to be learnt and language to be used for instructions and notification.
  • Click on the finish button

After creating a class, you can now add your students to join you in the class for learning to commence. But to process these steps, you would be needing an account. See below how to sign up for an account on Duolingo for schools.

Duolingo For School Sign Up

If you have a Duolingo account, you do not necessarily have to create an account on Duolingo for schools. You can just use your Duolingo login credentials to log in to Duolingo for schools. But if you don’t have a Duolingo account, here are steps on how to sign up for it;

  • Click on the Get started button after visiting the Duolingo for school’s website
  • Enter your age, name, email and password
  • Click on the sign-up button

After sign-up is complete, you can now complete the sign-up totally. Just following the above-listed steps to create a class on Duolingo for schools. Then after which, to make the class fun and lively, you should add your students. Then they will join you on Duolingo for schools for better language learning. In addition, there are no limits to the number of Duolingo classrooms you can create on Duolingo for schools. In other words, you can create as many Duolingo classrooms as possible using it.