How do I delete my Tinder account? Learn the simple guideline on how to delete Tinder account in this article. Tinder is one of the well respective online dating services on the internet that provide a convenient dating tools where you can build relationship. Most time, online dating service might not be 100% effective. According to statistics reports shows that users that tend to delete their dating account comes as a result of fake profile or impersonate profile on the dating service.

Delete Tinder Account - How to Delete Tinder Account in 2021

Furthermore, delete a Tinder account is an action you take when you no longer want to use Tinder anymore. Whatever reason you have that you might want to delete your Tinder account. Tinder registration comes with no commitment which means you can delete your account whenever you choose to. Just like I stated above, there are so many reasons why people tend to delete their Tinder account. some of the issues include fake profiles, impersonating someone, anonymous message, or that you already found someone you love which might lead to you deleting your online dating profile.

What Happen When I Delete my Tinder

On the contrary, there are consequences that result in deleting your Tinder dating account. Permanently deleting your Tinder dating profile account automatically removes you from the server. Meaning that activities that go on the dating service, you no longer have access to anymore. For instance, you can’t message people, search for singles, view profiles, and lots more. Your personal information, data, and history on the dating services will be completed deleted. This is like, you no longer exist on the dating service where friends will not be able to find you or even message you. Hence, if you still want to delete your Tinder account, you can view the next outline on how to temporarily and permanently close a Tinder account.

How to Temporarily Delete Tinder

When you temporarily delete your tinder account, this actually doesn’t mean that your dating account is completely deleted. Instead, this allows you to hide your dating profile for as long as your want. This makes you inactive on the platform. Here is how to temporarily delete your Tinder account:

  1. Go to your Tinder App.
  2. Tab your profile icon at the top corner.
  3. Tab, Settings.
  4. Scroll to Discovery and turn off.

In the meantime, Tinder Discover is a section of the Tinder dating app that allows you to search for potential matches. When you turn off the Discovery section, this automatically hid you from people viewing your profile. But, people that already liked your profile might still be always to see your profile.

How to Permanently Delete my Tinder Dating Profile

Permanently deleting your Tinder account for security reasons actually stops you from signing to the or mobile app. When you delete your dating account permanently, you tend to lose access to your dating activities that includes matches, message, and other personal information linked to your dating account.

  1. Open the Tinder App or visit
  2. Sign into your Tinder dating account.
  3. Tab the Dating Profile Icon.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Scroll down and click Delete Account.

Afterward, you can follow the instruction on the screen to completely delete your account. Keep in mind, if you delete your app doesn’t mean your dating account is completely deleted. For users that subscribe to the various Tinder dating plan with Apple ID or Google Play Store ID, when you delete your account or app doesn’t mean your subscription plan has ended.