Delete Facebook Posts – How to Trash A Post on Facebook

“Delete Facebook Posts”, Do you actually know that you can delete posts from your timeline? Well, as you must have known, Facebook is a popular social platform where we share memories with loved ones. Most times those memories remind us of things we don’t wish to have in our minds again. But the Good news is that you can actually delete those posts from your timeline completely. Deleting posts by you from your timeline is easy and fast. To do that, you would need to be logged into the account using the Facebook mobile application or website. I will be giving the steps to take in deleting a post from the timeline.

How to Delete Facebook Posts by Me

Most times, individuals get confused when they see “How to delete Facebook posts by me”. Deleting posts by me is the process of removing or deleting the memories you have shared on Facebook. As a user on the platform, we have lots of memories which we have shared at a certain time and then regret afterward. Most times when pop-ups come about some memories, we tear down, because of the memories behind the post. But Facebook makes it possible for us to delete those posts we wish not to see again simply. To delete posts by you, you would need to be logged in. Use the Facebook mobile app or website to sign in to the account.

Facebook App

Moreover, Facebook is the mobile version of the site. The app provides better navigation a fast use. It is simple to use and compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. You can download the Facebook app for free from the App Store. To do so, follow below;

  • Open the App Store on your smartphone.
  • Type Facebook into the search bar.
  • From the search filter (results).
  • Tap on the first one on the list to load the information page of the app.
  • Tap on “Install” to download the app.

Facebook will be downloaded into your smartphone immediately if you have a good data connection.

Facebook Login

Furthermore, to carry out the post deletion process, you would need to be logged into the profile. Signing in to your profile is simple and fast. To do that, follow the procedures below;

  • Open the Facebook application on your smartphone or browser and enter
  • Hit on the login section.
  • Fill in the credential (email address or phone and password) required rightly into the text field provided.
  • If done, hit on Login to proceed.

Meanwhile, the profiles will be loaded on the device if the credentials provided are right. If you lost the account password, you can simply reset it by hitting on “Forgot Password”.

Delete Facebook Posts on Timeline

However, deleting posts from your Facebook timeline is simple, fast, and free to do. You can delete posts using the Facebook mobile app or website. Follow the procedures below to delete posts by you from your timeline;

On Mobile App;

  • Login to the account and head to your profile or Timeline.
  • Once you’re on the timeline, scroll through the post to locate the one you wish to delete.
  • Now after that on the “Dots” next to the post.
  • After that there will a drop-down box that will appear, then select “Delete”.
  • Lastly or finally hit on the “Delete Post” to confirm the process.

On Website;

  • Hit on your name or picture to open your timeline or profile.
  • Scroll through and select the post you wish to delete.
  • Hit on the “Dots” beside the post at the top.
  • Select delete from drop-down box.
  • Lastly or finally click on “Delete Post” to confirm the process.

Nevertheless, the post will be deleted immediately from your timeline.