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Do you own a Facebook group? Do you manage a Facebook group and you no longer wish to do so, then you should learn how to delete a Facebook group. Our topic for discussion today “Delete Facebook Group” will guide you in deleting a Facebook group you already own or manage. Now owning a Facebook group at some point could be quite a lot of work and stress. You would always have to be ready and post engaging articles to keep the growth and development of the group.

Delete Facebook Group - How to Delete a Facebook Group

Facebook groups can consume data when it comes to chatting but they could also be fun. The kind of groups you manage is what determines the activity of the group. Let’s say you have a dating group, you would have to turn on notifications from Facebook so you get notified when someone posts or comment on the group. Also, since everyone will have the ability to post on the group, you would have to manage what kind of contents goes into the group.

Create a Facebook Group

For you to be able to delete a Facebook group, you must first create one first. If you do not know how to create a Facebook group, you can follow the steps below to do so.

  • Go to Facebook and sign in the account you want to use in creating the group. You should know that the group will only be managed with the account you used in creating it except you decide in making other users the admin.
  • Tap on the dropdown arrow on the screen and then on “Groups” or “find groups”.
  • Tap on “Create group” button.
  • Enter the name you wish to use in creating the group and add some people you would like to create the group with.
  • Select the privacy of the group and tap on the “create” button.

Now your age would be successfully created and you can add posts.

Delete a Facebook Page

If you want to delete your Facebook group, you can follow the steps below.

  • From your account newsfeed, tap on groups or find groups.
  • Tap on the group you created and on members by the left.
  • Now tap on the More icon and then on remove member beside every member of the group until it gets to yourself.
  • Once it gets to you, tap on remove member.

The moment you remove every member of the group including you, the Facebook group will be deleted.