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Can you permanently delete Facebook account 2021? If you can’t or feel it’s impossible, then you really need to read this post till the end. Now, you can only delete a Facebook account if you create one. Permanently deleting your Facebook account can be a good decision to take if you are an anti-facebook. However, it is advised that you think through the steps you are about to take. Permanently delete Facebook account 2021 cannot be reverted. You cannot undo the delete after deleting the account. Immediately your Facebook account is deleted, you would be totally unable to access it.

Create Your Facebook Account

Furthermore, Creating a Facebook account is totally free and stress-free. To create a Facebook account,

  • Open the Facebook website located at www.facebook.com or open any of the Facebook apps you have on your device. It could be the Facebook messenger lite of the normal Facebook app.
  • If you use a PC, on the Facebook website, scroll down to find the signup form and hit it. For mobile device scroll down and click “Create new account”.
  • Fill the form that is visible to you with the correct details as you would be asked to confirm it if anything goes wrong with your account.
  • Check to make sure your email address or mobile number is correct as you would be asked to verify it.
  • Hit “sign up” at the bottom of the page to continue your sign up.
  • Verify your mobile number by following the on-screen instructions.

Add some friends and follow the rest of the Facebook steps to complete your Facebook account setup.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account 2021

However, follow the steps outlined below to permanently delete your Facebook account.

  • Open the Facebook website located at www.facebook.com and log in.
  • Go to the facebook settings page on your device.
  • Click “Your Facebook Information” on the Facebook account settings page.
  • On the page that is loaded, kindly click “delete your account and information”.
  • Click “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page.
  • A new window would be displayed asking you to input your password. Enter your password and click “continue”.

Meanwhile, the process to permanently delete Facebook account 2021 would now begin. Then, simply follow the onscreen instructions provided as stay relaxed until your account is deleted. Once your account is deleted, you would be logged out of your Facebook account. If the password entered is not correct, you would be prompted to try again. However, tap “OK” to have your account deleted. This is at the bottom of the pop-up window. Note that the total account deletion can take up to 14 days. Moreover, once this time frame elapses, your account will be gone from Facebook. There!!! You are now relieved of your unwanted Facebook account.