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Home TECH Deactivate Or Delete Facebook Account Now 2020- Deactivate Facebook Account

Deactivate Or Delete Facebook Account Now 2020- Deactivate Facebook Account

by admin

many fake accounts and unnecessary messages on Facebook have given many Facebook users to give it double thinking to deactivate their Facebook account. However, the question is how to deactivate Facebook without deleting your Facebook account forever. Also, deactivating your Facebook account will make your friends not find your profile or see your timeline. But you will still be able to use and chat on Facebook Messenger, and then you can activate your Facebook Account back after years. If you miss your close friends and relatives.

Deactivate Facebook Account Now - Deactivate Facebook Account

How to deactivate Facebook is very easy and simple and you could activate the account back at any time you feel like getting your account. However, you wouldn’t lose the content in your profile for deactivating your account your old and new photos will still be back when you activate it. Also, every information with Facebook is confidential, Which means when you deactivate your account Facebook wouldn’t notify any of your friends your account is deactivated. How to deactivate Facebook is a means that gives you that access to less attention to groups and page that tag and add you to various group and page room.

How do I Deactivate Facebook Account

When you deactivate your Facebook Account some information may remain visible to others such as messages you sent. However, how to deactivate Facebook gives users the privilege to activate it back not like deleting your Facebook account. which could be deleted forever and you will lose all your Data. here are a few steps on how to deactivate a Facebook account;

  • Login to your Facebook account with your email address or phone number and password.
  • At the homepage click on the arrow pointing downward at the top right corner.
  • Select settings & privacy and then settings on the next page.
  • Click on your Facebook information in the left column and wait.
  • On the next page click on deactivation and deletion.
  • Choose deactivate the account and then click continue to account deactivation. And follow the on-screen instructions to confirm.

What’s the Difference Between Deactivating and Deleting your Facebook Account

Facebook users might not be clear about the difference between deactivating and deleting the account which we will help with that below. However, how to deactivate Facebook still give users some advantage over the account and keep them active. Whichever action was taken on your Facebook account will be guided and made at your advantage by the platform. Here is the difference between deactivating and deleting your Facebook account;

Deactivating Account

  • You can reactivate and get your account back anytime you want.
  • Facebook users can’t see your timeline or search for you.
  • And some information may still be active to some other Facebook users such as your messages.

Delete Account

  • You can’t have access to that account again once deleted.
  • Deleting an account will be delay for a few days which gives users the interest to think twice. If user login back into their Facebook account deletion request will be canceled.
  • Information like messaging history will not be available in your account.
  • Copies of your log records will still be available for personal identity.

After you deactivate your account the platform will help users save all of the settings, photos, and personal information when you reactivate. However, your account is not deleted It just hidden for the period you want.

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