Dating in Facebook 2021: Dating in Facebook App Download for Free | Facebook Dating App 2021

Dating in Facebook 2021: Dating in Facebook App Download for Free | Facebook Dating App 2021, Over the years, people have been trying to turn Facebook into a dating platform based on the way they use it. People see the social media giant as an opportunity to matchmake and find dates especially singles. In a bid to satisfy the desires of netizens, Facebook has introduced a dating app on its platform. However, there are a lot of dating apps on the net, but the Facebook dating online dating service tries to split the difference. It is obviously a dating platform where singles can meet and find dates. In addition to that, it is absolutely free.

Dating in Facebook 2021: Dating in Facebook App Download for Free | Facebook Dating App 2021
Dating in Facebook 2021: Dating in Facebook App Download for Free | Facebook Dating App 2021

The Facebook dating app makes it easier to find love through what you like by helping you start a meaningful relationship. Through things you have in common, such as interests, events, and groups. It takes out the work of creating a dating profile and gives you a more authentic look at who someone is. Although, many dating apps allow you to set an account via Facebook. But the Facebook dating app is already on Facebook. You don’t have to download it as it is not a standalone app. it lives within the Facebook mobile app in a separate tab. The Facebook dating app can be accessed on android and IOS devices but it is not available on the desktop version of Facebook.

How Facebook Dating works

In 2018, Facebook dating was first launched in Colombia. But it has been rolled out in other countries like Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Uruguay, Vietnam, Thailand, Slovenia, and some other countries. However, to use Facebook dating, you need to have a Facebook account. it is through your Facebook account you can access Facebook dating. On the contrary, you need to create a Facebook Dating profile to start using Facebook dating. Your Facebook dating profile is not visible to your Facebook friends. Also, the dating app will not suggest your Facebook friends as matches. The only information that will be carried over is your name and age.

Matches are suggested based on your interests, preferences, and other things you do on Facebook. Such as the groups you join and the events you attend. As I have said, it won’t suggest your existing Facebook friends. The option is turned off by default. The Facebook dating app aims to the work out of creating a dating profile and offer a more authentic look at who someone is. Besides, Facebook Dating doesn’t need your data, it just needs your body. To survive, dating apps require a large thriving community of singles and love seekers.

Who Can Use the Dating App on Facebook?

From today onward, you can log in to Facebook dating if you are 18 years or older and have downloaded the most recent version of Facebook. Currently, Facebook dating is not available to everyone. You will be suggested to others who have also opted in. The Facebook dating app is not about swiping or waiting for someone to like you to get a first chance of reaching out. if you are interested in a person, you can comment directly on their profile. Then, click the like button to let them know. If you are not, you can bypass them.

How To Find Dates And Singles on Facebook

If you are eligible to use the dating app on Facebook, you can follow the steps below;

  • Log in to the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the homepage.
  • Then, click on dating.

activate facebook dating functionFrom there, you can create a dating profile and find singles to match with. Also, you can access dating by entering dating into the search bar on the Facebook app. And clicking the Facebook dating shortcut.