Dating App on Facebook – How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook On the contrary mostly in the world today since the development of the internet, we now heard the news of people meeting their soulmates on the interest through various dating sites. Also, hear stories of how people find their husband or wife on the internet. First of all, online dating can be a little frustrating going through a typical dating site to meet the right people. But Facebook Singles in my area is a smart move to take due to the fact that it will be someone close to your location.

Dating App on Facebook - How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook
Dating App on Facebook – How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating | Dating on Facebook

Facebook Singles in my Area is actually a planned feature by Facebook which allows users to search of people that match their common interests or mutual friends within a range of 100Km range and within your location. However, you can find single men or women in your location or area through the use of online dating services known as Facebook dating. Therefore, you can learn more about Facebook Singles in my area below.

Facebook Singles in my Area – Online Facebook Dating Service on the Mobile App

Just as I mentioned above, in other to locate single men or women on Facebook within your location. You need to make use of the Facebook Dating on the mobile app rather than the separate app which allows you to create a different profile. Therefore, it allows you to indicate an interest in other profiles which allows you to contact each other. The service allows let users attending the same event to make their profiles visible to each other. This is another major way of discovering people in your location or event you’re attending.

In addition, not only does it allow you to find people based on your location but also on age differences, religion, and others. Note that the application differs from the modern dating apps where you’re expected to find exactly zero swiping.

Facebook Singles in my Area – How to Find Single Men & Women on Facebook Dating

Basically, the aspect of joining Facebook dating has been made easier for users to quickly access. Whereby you don’t need to create a new account or have to download a new app. All you need to do is use the Facebook app by accessing the menu icon.

Therefore, log in your Facebook account on the main mobile app and then you can access the three dashed menus. Next, you can scroll down and click See More, then you can go down to select dating service. There, you can now set up your profile and begin to connect with people all in your location. Note in case you don’t see the Dating service it means that the features aren’t available in your country.