The influence of technology has reduced man labor. It has also made sending and delivering mails easy just with the use of mobile devices. However, you can create a yahoo mail account to be able to send and deliver emails to friends, families, business organizations, and loved ones. Yahoo mail enables you to send and receive emails from yahoo mail users and other email users. You can create a yahoo mail account for free as the Ymail sign up doesn’t require any payment but only registration. This requires registration because it is a fact that for all email before accessing, you must register because there are a lot of things that your email address enables you to do.

Create Yahoo Mail - How To Create a New Yahoo Email Account

Furthermore, to create a Yahoo mail account, there are some necessary requirements that you would be needing. Initially, creating a Yahoo Mail account is completely free and requires not your financial information. This includes providing your personal information that includes your full name, date of birth, and more. Another interesting email service offered by Yahoo is the Yahoo Business email. This requires selecting a particular plan where you can customize your own business email to connect with your customers or business partners. Also, create new yahoo account for personal and business usage by visiting the yahoo mail website today.

How to Create a New Yahoo Mail Account

This sub-heading would enlighten you on how to create a new yahoo mail account especially if you are a new yahoo mail user. And also, if you already have an account, you can create a new yahoo mail account for a family member or add it to your other accounts. So, therefore, for starters here are the steps you can follow to create yahoo mail account;

  1. Open yahoo mail via either the website or the mobile app
  2. Then click on the yahoo mail “create an account” link
  3. Enter your personal details required of you for ymail sign up
  4. Click on the continue button
  5. Verify your phone number

After you must have followed these steps, you have successfully created a yahoo mail account. However, you are eligible to create as many accounts with yahoo mail. But yahoo mail requires phone number verification. Therefore, there is a limit to the number of accounts you can create with a phone number on yahoo mail.

How do I Secure my Yahoo Mail Account?

After creating a yahoo mail account, it is important to secure your email account after creation. According to reports, 80% of email accounts are usually exposed to online threats due to a lack of account security. There are certain applications that enable you to keep your information that includes your email address and password private from unauthorized access. Here are the following steps to secure your account;

  • Create a strong password: creating a strong password includes adding special or unique characters that include “@#$%^&*” to secure your account.
  • Don’t fall for scams: there is a possibility that links would be sent to your email. So, therefore, for any link you are not sure about, avoid clicking on it. So as to keep your account and personal information that has been connected to your yahoo mail account safe.
  • Check your activity: always ensure to check your activity especially to check for unauthorized logins. So that you can act fast by changing your account password before it eventually becomes too late.
  •  Avoid installing software that is intended to do harm to your device: your email account is logged in on your device. Installing harmful software could cause a great deal of trouble as some of your device applications might connect to your email.

There are still a lot you can do to secure your email address. Securing is necessary because it prevents you from losing your important details to scammers. In addition, you should also make sure to delete unnecessary security questions as they are no longer used. So if you haven’t done that you can do that now to protect your newly created Ymail account.