Do you want to join Twitter and see what is happening in the world right now? You can try the create new Twitter account. Twitter account is very easy to create as it requires only your personal information. You can open a Twitter account anytime you want or even have multiple Twitter account. However, Twitter is a welcoming social media platform that gives free access to make new Twitter account. So, therefore, if you open a Twitter account, it helps you socialize and get more information about things happening around you without having to read the news.

Create Twitter Account - How to Sign up or Create a New Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the top social networking services where people can get updated with the latest trends around the world. The giant social media networking site allows users to post an engagement with people through “Tweets”. Accessing the platform to view posts from your favorites celebrity or find out what happening around the world require registration. When you create Twitter account, you get to see recent happenings, trending news, and even follow your favorite celebrity and also make your own tweets on Twitter.

Why Should I Sign up for Twitter Account?

Currently, Social Networking Services has the most occupying factors of many youth around the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are the top social networking services in which people use to communicate with millions of people. This serves as an interacting platform where you can connect with friends, find new friends, view photos, watch videos, and lots more. Based on the efficiency of the use of social media, many businesses make use of the platform for advertising and marketing.

Majorly Twitter provides you with the latest updates of things happening in the world today through tweet. Aslo it serves as a matter in which many use to interact with thier fans and the other way around. A lot of people don’t derive pleasure in listening to the news, especially youths because it is believed to be old-fashioned. But on twitter, you can read news that have been tweeted in a more interesting way instead of the straight to the point daily broadcast on television and news stations. However, you can create twitter account with same email but it cannot be more than five. Which means you can’t create the 6th twitter account with one email address.

Twitter Account Sign up

You can create an account on Twitter either with the mobile app or with the website. However, if you don’t know how to use the website don’t want to use the website. You can visit the mobile app to set up a Twitter account. Therefore, Twitter website sign-up and Twitter mobile app sign-up go through the same process. So, you can choose anyone you want to create an account with. Here are the steps you can follow to create an account on Twitter.

Sign Up Twitter Process

  1. If you want to open a Twitter account using the mobile app, you have to install the app first.
  2. You can install the app using the app store on your device.
  3. If you are using the website, visit the website
  4. Then click on the create account link or button to proceed
  5. You will need or ask for some of your information which includes; your name, phone number, and date of birth.
  6. You can choose to use email to create an account if you wish.
  7. Then after you have filled in the information required, click on the Next button.
  8. You will be redirected bk to a page where you can still change your personal info if you want.
  9. But if no, click on the sign-up button
  10. A code will be sent to the number or email you used in signing up.
  11. Verify your account with the code by typing it into the verified space
  12. If a code wasn’t sent to you, you can use the “didn’t receive” link for another code to be sent.
  13. After imputing the code sent, click on the Next button
  14. And enter your password

You can build up your account after you have created your account. you can upload pictures, make tweets, follow people, like tweets and do anything you want on your twitter account.