Facebook being, a social network for connecting and communicating has two options of signing up for an account which is by email or number. Create new Facebook account Gmail is the process of signing up with your Gmail account known as Google account. Signing up for a new profile on Facebook is simple, free and quick. Create new Facebook account with your Gmail using the mobile app or website. When you sign up with Gmail Id, the verification process is simple and fast.  When it comes to creating a Facebook account, I prefer using my Gmail ID than my mobile number as it feels safer for me.

Create New Facebook Account Gmail


Facebook is a social platform that started off as a student discovery forum founded by Mark Zuckerberg alongside his colleagues. It is a platform for sharing, communicating and connecting with family and friends far and near. In order to use the platform and enjoy the awesome features within the platform, you would need to create a new Facebook account with Gmail or phone number. Facebook is free and simple to use. A user’s friendly platform which can be used by anyone including the less technical-minded people. The platform has a mobile app version for mobile device users which provides better navigation.

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Facebook App

Facebook has a mobile version for the site which is for mobile device users called Facebook mobile app. The mobile offers fast and better navigation. It can be gotten for free on App Store of the device that you’re using. To download, follow below;

  • Open your App Store, scroll through the apps or use the search.
  • From the search box, type in Facebook.
  • From the result, tap on the first result displayed.
  • Tap on the green Install button.

The Facebook app would be downloaded to your device immediately if you have good data or Wi-Fi connection.

How to Create Facebook Account – New Gmail Account

Creating a new Facebook account with Gmail is simple and free. You can create a new account using the mobile app or website. To create a new Facebook account with Gmail, follow the instructions below;

For Mobile App;

  • Open the Facebook mobile app if you have it installed on your device.
  • Tap on Sign Up.
  • Fill your first name, surname.
  • Select your date of birth from the list there.
  • On the text box provided, type in your Gmail address and set a password for the new account.

The account would be created and Facebook will send a confirmation mail to you. To verify the account, open your mailbox and tap on the link sent to confirm.


  • Open your web browser and type in Facebook URL, www.facebook.com.
  • Once the page is loaded, type in your First name, Surname, Gmail ID and then create a password for the account.
  • Select your birthday and gender. Hit on Sign Up.

The new account would be created with your Gmail address and then a confirmation would be sent to you. Open your mailbox and hit on the link sent attached to the mail.