Create Facebook account new is what most users on the internet searched for. Now the reason why they search for how to be a user on Facebook is that they have known what the Facebook platform offers to the users. If you are a Facebook user there are lots of things you can enjoy or benefits from the Facebook platform. The Facebook platform is a place for everyone why is ready to make use of it. Now I am going to tell you everything about this Facebook platform, only if you are going to read this article. When you read it, you are going to find out a lot of things that the Facebook platform can be used for.

Create Facebook Account New

What is Facebook For?

Facebook is a social media networking that enables users to communicate with one another on the platform for free. You can chat with friends and family that are in far or near distance, using Facebook. The main purpose of Facebook to chat with people you know and also meet new friends online, in your country, also in foreign countries. Facebook is a platform to meet and make friends, but now there are lots of things the Facebook can be used for apart from communication. As each day passes by Facebook is upgrading or updating its platform.

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How Does Facebook Works

Now like I said earlier, there are lots of things you can use the Facebook platform, do you know that you can now sell on Facebook? Well, I am going to tell you some of the things you can now do on Facebook for you to get updates from the platform;

  • With Facebook, you can now date online for free.
  • Also, you can advertise on Facebook.
  • You can watch movies on the Facebook platform.
  • Also, you can have a market online where you can sell and buy items online for free, through the Facebook marketplace.
  • You can play online games for free.

These are some of the things you can use Facebook for, although there are still lots more for you to discover.

Facebook App

The Facebook app enables you to access and make use of the Facebook platform very fast and easy. so I will tell you how to download the Facebook app;

  • Visit your play store on your device.
  • Then search for the Facebook app in the search tab.
  • When you have seen the Facebook app.
  • Click on install.

This is how to install the Facebook app.

Create Facebook Account

If you want to create an account on the Facebook platform, then you must know how to do it. For you not to make any mistakes when creating a Facebook account, I will like to show you how to create it. Now just follow the steps or guidelines below;

  • Go to the Facebook website.
  • Next, simply click or tap the “create new account” or “sign up” link or button.
  • If you have done that, then begin to fill in the details, your details.
  • After you are done filling in your details, just click the sign-up button below.
  • Then you will receive a verification message. The message contains confirmation digits.
  • Make sure you type in the digits in the confirmation box and then click “confirm” or “continue”.

Then you have finally created a Facebook

Facebook Account Login

There are lots of users on the Facebook platform, which finds it very difficult to access their Facebook account. Well if you want to access your Facebook account and want to do so in a very easy and simple way follow the instructions below;

  • Open the Facebook app or go to the website.
  • Then just enter your details in the empty boxes displayed.
  • Just type in your email or phone number and also your password.
  • After that click login and you will access your Facebook account.

These are the steps for you to get into your Facebook account.