Gmail is one of the most popular and well-known email services provided by Google. This email service known as Gmail is an open email service provider that gives everyone the privilege to own an email account or email address of their own to send and receive important emails and messages. But before you can obtain a Gmail account, there is something important that you must process which is the Create email account Gmail. However, create an email account for Gmail is a registration process that ought to be taken to be a user of the Gmail email service.

Create Email Account Gmail - How to Create a New Gmail Account

Furthermore, the Gmail email service also offers the opportunity for you to have multiple accounts when you create an email account for Gmail. However, you can sign up for a new Gmail account or create an account with Gmail to manage your business. The create email account Gmail process is free and does not require any form of payment. Therefore, this includes creating or having your own personal and business email which signify a very good idea as it helps you keep in touch with family and friends and also have access to all Gmail features which the sign in entitles you to. Check below to see the requirements to sign up Gmail account.

Requirements to Create Email Account Gmail

To create a Gmail account, there are some necessary requirements that you must have to be able to process the create email account Gmail successfully. These requirements can be easily gotten. So, therefore, after you are sure to have them, you can proceed into creating a Gmail account. These requirements include;

  • An internet connected device
  • A mobile or desktop device
  •  The Gmail app (optional)
  • Username
  • First and last name
  • A strong password
  • Mobile number (optional)

With the above-listed requirements, you can begin your Gmail sign up. The mobile number is optional but you should add one to make recovering your Gmail account easy for you later. Also, you can create an email account Gmail to manage your business with still the same requirements. Read through to learn how to create Gmail account for your personal use and also for your business management.

How to Create Account Gmail

There are two reasons you can create account Gmail. they are for business and for personal purposes. However, under this subheading, steps would be listed on how to go about any of the two to have a Gmail account. To create an email account Gmail, read through and follow these steps listed below;

For business

  1. Visit the Gmail account creation page
  2. Click on the add account link
  3. Tap on the use another account link if you already have an account on the device in use
  4. Click on the create account link
  5. Select “to manage my business”
  6. Enter your names and create a username ( or use suggested
  7. Create a strong password and confirm
  8. Click on the next button
  9. Enter your mobile number or add a recovery email address (optional)
  10. Then, enter your date of birth
  11. Enter your Gender and click on the next button
  12. Agree to Google terms
  13. Then you can now start by adding or setting up your business profile.

For personal

  1. Visit the Gmail sign up page
  2. Click on the create account link
  3. Select and click on “for myself”
  4. Enter your personal information which includes your names, username and password
  5. Click on the next button
  6. Enter your phone number for account verification

Follow the instructions accordingly to create email address Gmail successfully. Then with that, you can process the Gmail login to access your account and have free access to all of the Gmail features which include the Gmail inbox, sending, receiving and customizing of mails.