Do you want to keep up with happenings, news, sports, and gist about other entertainments? One of the ways this can be accomplished is by having and accessing your Twitter account. The Twitter account is a microblogging account that allows you to post, send and receive short posts known as Tweets. However, you can create a Twitter account as your passport or key access to know almost everything happing around you and in the world. Therefore, the Twitter account sign up or create a Twitter account makes you one of the first to know trends and breaking news around the world.

Create a Twitter Account - How to Sign up for Twitter Account

Furthermore, Twitter allows you to create an account for free. Therefore, sign up to enjoy the features of Twitter and have your own personal Twitter account. Although, according to reports, some time ago twitter had been banned from access in Nigeria. However, in those countries creating or having a Twitter account is impossible. But there are still alternatives to Twitter that can be visited or other social media platforms. Some of these alternatives and social media platforms include; Koo, Mastodon, Tooter, Plurk, Facebook, Instagram, telegram, and many more.

Why should I have a Twitter Account?

Having or creating a Twitter account is not compulsory but it is necessary as it helps you know all round happenings. There’s a lot you can do with a Twitter account. A Twitter account helps you to know top trends, news about your favorite celebrities, trending hashtags, sports news, government news, trending slang, and many more. Wouldn’t you like the idea of knowing all this? Most especially following your favorite celebrities like Belle delphine, BTS, and popular people like bill gates Twitter account page. The only way is to create or sign up for a Twitter account. However, you can also sign up for a Twitter account and still not know all of the above-mentioned without processing a Twitter login.

How to Create a Twitter Account

The twitter sign up or create a Twitter account is the first step before you can process the Twitter login. This is because from the Twitter account sign up, you get to create your Twitter login credentials which are very important before you can enter your Twitter account. Twitter account sign up is however a registration process by which you get to be a user and a part of Twitter. To have a Twitter account of your own, follow these steps to process your Twitter account sign up;

  1. Install and open the twitter app or visit the twitter website @
  2. Locate and click on the “sign up” button
  3. Enter your personal information which includes your name, mobile number/email and date of birth
  4. Click on the next button
  5. You will be redirected back to the sign-up page for confirmation of details by you
  6. A verification code would be sent to your email or mobile number which depends on which was used to register an account
  7. Verify your account and create a strong password

After signing up, you now have in your possession a Twitter account. Then you can set up your profile, bio and other important information to make your Twitter account attractive and start processing the Twitter account login at any time you want and also tweet and retweet or share your favorite posts.

How to Login to Twiter Account

After creating your Twitter account, you need to log in to your Twitter account. Without Twitter login, you can’t have access to your Twitter account. Neither will you have access to Twitter features which include the Twitter advanced search which helps you find anything you want on the Twitter platform with the use of hashtags and other possible ways to locate a post. If you are new to Twitter and do not know how to go about the Twitter login, here are steps for you;

  1. Open the already installed twitter app on your device or visit the twitter website @
  2. Click on the Twitter login link
  3. Enter your login credentials which includes your phone/email/username and password

Click on the login link to proceed into your Twitter account. Then with that, you can do all that the Twitter platform allows you to do. The Twitter login and sign up your Twitter account can not only be accessed via the Twitter website. Twitter has created an app for both mobile and desktop (mac and windows) users to be able to access the Twitter platform and their Twitter account easily rather than locate the twitter website.