A Google account is required for almost every other social network we use today including YouTube, Gmail, hangouts and so many others. However, do you know that to create a new Google account is not hard and it is something so very easy? That is because you just need a user id and a password to go through the entire process of account creation. A lot of people ask if the Gmail account and the Google account are the same. There is not much difference between the two; however, the only difference is that the Google account allows the users to have access to different varieties created by Google while the Gmail allows users to manage individual emails.

Create a New Google Account - How to Create a New Gmail Account
Create a New Google Account – How to Create a New Gmail Account

The Google account enables users of every age. To create a new Google account all you just need is some information including your date of birth and location. If you are wondering if it is a must to have a Gmail account before you can use the Google account, you do not need to, because you do not need a Gmail account before you can open a Google account. Creating a Google account will automatically create a new Gmail address and a Google profile. Opening the Google account will let you have access to all the Google services.

Why must I have a Google account?

If you have a phone or a computer, it is very necessary for you to create a Google account. And that is because anytime you want to open or access Hangout, YouTube, you will be asked to open a Google account. The Google account lets you have access to varieties of Google services. So it is essential and important to have a Google account.

How to Create a Google Account

Creating a Google account is very easy to do. If you worry about how to create one, then you do not need to worry at all. That is because I will take on a process on how you can create a Google account in a very easy and simple way. Just make sure that your connection is stable and on while you follow the procedures.

  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter the Gmail username you will like to use
  • You can also use one if you already have one
  • Enter password
  • Confirm the password
  • Enter your phone number
  • A verification code will be sent to you
  • Enter it, now click verify
  • Enter a recovery email
  • Now, enter your date of birth
  • Enter your gender
  • Now click on next

With this process you can create as much as Google account for your school and business. You can now have access to all the Google services including the Gmail and so many other more. It is very essential to have a Google account because it helps in a lot of way in your every day social internet. The Google account is just like social network that carries every other social media.