If you have a Facebook page, then you should definitely learn how to create a Facebook page cover photo. You see, a Facebook page is more like a public profile you can create for your business or brand. Since you can create such a public profile for your business or brand, you would surely need a cover photo for your business or brand. In creating a Facebook page cover photo, you need a photo that best describes your business.

Create a Facebook Page Cover - How to Create a Facebook Page Cover Successfully

With a Facebook page, as we have said, you can create a public profile. But it is not just about creating the public profile. You see, this pubic profile can be used in interacting on the Facebook platform. You can use it to interact with users, pages, and groups on the platform. Just by creating this public profile, you can also advertise your business on Facebook. You can start running ads on your business.

Create a Facebook Page

A Facebook page at first might seem difficult to create. However, it is really simple. Follow the steps below to create a Facebook page.

  • Go to Facebook and login to your account. If you have not signed up for an account before, you can simply sign up for one immediately.
  • Hit pages by your left sidebar from your menu icon.
  • Now locate and click the “Create Page” button on the webpage.
  • Select the type of page you want to create. You can create a business page and you can create a community page.
  • Enter the name you want to give the page and select a category that best describes it.

That is all for creating a Facebook cover photo. Now you will be redirected to the admin page where you can monitor the page.

How to Create a Facebook Page Cover Photo

A Facebook page cover photo is very simple to create as long as you have all the tools.

  • Get a device and launch any photo editor on it.
  • Edit the picture you would love to use as your Facebook cover photo to your taste and save it.
  • While saving the edited picture, make sure that it is at least 600 x 350 pixels.

That is all, once the picture has been saved, you can make it your Facebook page cover photo right away. You can do so by visiting the admin web page of the page you created.