is an American warehouse club that deals with membership only and also has a wide pick of merchandise. This platform is also known as Costco wholesale corporation which is also referred to as the biggest membership-only warehouse Club in the United States of American. Costco’s headquarter is located in Issaquah Washington in the United States. It was said that the first warehouse launched in Seattle way back in 1983. There are over seven hundred and five warehouses owned by Costco in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, and Australia. - Shop for Grocery, Electronics, Computers, Furniture on | Costco Login – Shop for Grocery, Electronics, Computers, Furniture on | Costco Login

Costco is one of the best places to buy products at a very low price. This is one of the best platforms that bit down the price of items they put on sale. As said by Wikipedia on November 16th, 2009 it was announced that is stopping the sales of Coca-Cola soft drink. This is because they refused to reduce the wholesale price. There thousands of products available in the warehouse.


This is an e-commerce platform where users can make a purchase a product like Walmart, Amazon, and lots more. is an online shopping portal with lots of products up for sale ranging from Electronic to Furniture. There are lots of products on this portal.

One thing I like about this platform is that it’s a well-organized e-commerce platform. As a user, if you are visiting this portal for the first time you can easily navigate around and get to see awesome deals. There are eight major categories on the menu bar such as.

  • Shop all Departments.
  • Business Center.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Services.
  • Photo.
  • Travel.
  • Members.
  • Costco Locations.

This is the major menu bar that shows links to products and services on the web portal. Users on this platform can easily navigate around when they on each tab on the main menu. Let’s take a look few of them.

Shop All Departments

This is the first menu on the right section of the portal. There are lots of categories on this tab. A user can see all departments they shop on in this tab. All products and services can be found on this tab when a user clicks on it. A user can get all Electronics, Furniture, Jewellery, and lots more in this section.

Business Center

A user can get to see business deals and offers. This is where users can get to see featured products and categories. All items in the section are business items. There are categories like Beverages, Candy & Snacks, Disposables, Grocery, Janitorial, Office, Restaurant, Tobacco, and Home Office Essentials on the Business center

Costco Pharmacy

This is an awesome section on the web portal which is the health section that takes care of all your medical prescriptions online. Users can get the best of pharmacy services and also purchased drugs at cheap price on this platform when he or she clicks on the tab labeled PHARMACY on the main menu.  A user can also get access to locate a Costco Pharmacy.

Users can make orders and get to home delivery service on medical prescription. There is also a section for a patient profile on this portal. Users get drug pricing and information when they click on the drug directory. There are medicare plan tools that can help in finding medicare insurance in your area. There are also health tips, recipes, and advice on the pharmacy section on the portal.


This is where all services available on can be found. There are two main categories under this section which are Home, Business, and Insurance. Users can access the Costco Auto Program, Payment Processing, Auto and Home Insurance, and lots more.


There are lots more on that you can ever think of. A user can plan for his or her trip when he or she clicks on the travel section on this portal. There are special travel services such as vacation packages, cruises, Rental Cars, Theme Parks, Hotels, and Shop travel on the warehouse.

Costco Locations

This is the last menu bar on the left. The locations menu help users to easily locate all wholesale and service outlet. A user can get a complete Warehouses list when he or she clicks on the complete warehouse list just on top of the map. The user has to select country and state to get the list of warehouses in that area.

How to Sign up for Costco

In other, for users to get full access to the services on this web portal he or she has to sign up for an account. The sign up process is easy but there are some basic requirements such as

  1. Email Address.
  2. Password.
  3. Costco Membership Number.

This portal offers a credit of 2% rebate for exclusive members with a membership number. Non-members may be assessed an additional surcharge so if you are a member you need to enter your membership number.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the URL in the address bar of your browser.
  2. On the home page click on the Sign in / Register icon at the top right section.
  3. Now you see the sign in and the registration section on the same page.
  4. On the right side enter your email, your preferred password, and membership number. And click on the register icon.

How to Login to Costco

In other to login to your account you just created here is the Costco login steps below.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the URL in the address bar of your browser.
  2. On the home page click on the Sign in / Register icon at the top right section.
  3. Now you see the sign in and the registration section on the same page.
  4. Enter your email and password in the login section and click on the login icon.

Users can always reset their password if they forget their login password. You can enter your email address below the sign in icon and click on reset to reset your password. Only registered users and users with correct login information are allowed to log in. Make sure all your login information is correctly entered.