Chase Freedom Student Credit Card – Benefits of Chase

Am sure a lot of you must be heard of the chase student credit card but if you haven’t heard about then you are in the right place? Chase freedom student credit card is a card with decent rewards plus features that are friendly to those with no credit history. According to chase, credit history is not an eligibility requirement for the Chase Freedom Student credit card.

Chase Freedom Student Credit Card

To make use of the freedom student card, you need to be a student and chase will have to verify your enrollment status. However, note that being a student does not guarantee your approval and if you are younger than 21 then you will need to show proof of independent income when applying.

The chase student freedom has a flat rewards rate that is in line with the 1% that some other student cards offer. But it is possible to find higher rates, introductory APRs, and other benefits. Chase student credit card requirements will be used to determine if you are qualified for a chase card. With the card, you can easily build your credit and earn amazing rewards as well. Plus you get a $50 bonus offer.

Is Chase Credit Card Good for Me?

Of course, Chase freedom’s student credit card is a good choice for students that might benefit from having a long-term relationship with the chase. Chase card has no annual fee and it is easy to earn a welcome bonus. Although there are other options you can consider like Capital One, Discover, and Bank of America. These are credit cards that have no fees while offering greater rewards on your spending.

Should I get the Chase Freedom Student?

It is okay if you still doubt the authenticity of Chase freedom student credit card. But I would advise that you get the chase freedom credit card for students as it offers incentives for responsible account management. It also gives you the training wheels you need as a student to get started.

Benefits of Chase Freedom Student Card Reddit

Chase freedom student credit card has lots of benefits that it offers to students who apply. If you are a student and you still doubt the credit card then I think you should look at the benefits below.

  • No annual fee is attached to the credit card
  • As a student, you can earn 1% cash back on all purchases
  • A new cardholder bonus offer is also available
  • You get a 50% bonus after the first purchase made within the first 3 months from account opening

And finally, you can access your credit score at any time with your credit journey and also redeem the cash back reward instantly.

What is Chase Freedom Student Card Best for?

Chase freedom student credit card is a card meant for students and it is best for the following

  • It is best for college students who want a simple card to earn rewards
  • It is best for keeping track of spending categories
  • Cash strategist
  • Annual fee averse
  • College students currently enrolled in an accredited 4year college or university

However, you will earn 1% cashback on every purchase you make, your rewards never expire and there is also a minimum amount you have to redeem to get the cashback.

How to Apply for Chase Freedom Student Credit Card

It is very easy to apply for a Chase freedom student credit score. So if you are a student and you want to apply for a credit card with chase then you should follow these steps below.

  • First, you have to visit the official website using the website address
  • When you get to the main website click the Apply now button
  • Enter your First name and Last name
  • Enter your Street address
  • Type in your city, state, and Zip code
  • Enter your Date of birth, mother’s maiden name, and email address
  • Then type in your total gross annual income
  • After that select your type of residence
  • Then indicate if you have a primary source of income

Finally, you have to provide your primary phone number and your alternative phone number if you have one. However, remember that this card is mainly for students enrolled in college, university, career or trade school. So in essence you must be a student in order for you to be successfully enrolled.