BTS Twitter – Follow BTS Twitter Page For News Updates

Are you a fan of the popular South Korean boy band known as Bangtan Sonyeondan Boys (BTS boys)? You can keep up with their latest posts on Twitter by visiting their Twitter page at BTS twitter to follow up. BTS is however a seven-member boy band that was formed in the year 2010. Their group basically a hip-hop group but their music style happens to cover a wide range of genres. However, to follow them on Twitter, there are different BTS accounts available for you on the Twitter Platform. it includes; BTS Japan official, BTS official, and many more. But the main BTS Twitter account is Bangtan Boys written in the Korean language.

Furthermore, to follow Bangtan Sonyeondan, you have to first ensure you must have signed up for a Twitter account. If you can’t access Twitter, you can just follow them using their official website. Not only that but also the TikTok account, and many other available platforms. But keep in mind that the boy band does not have individual accounts for any social media which includes Twitter. Therefore, to follow them you should click on the follow button for their group accounts. Steps on how to go about following them will be listed for you in this article.

How To Follow BTS Twitter Page.

As mentioned earlier, Bangtan Sonyeondan boys do not have official individual accounts on Twitter. Therefore, searching out Kim Taehyung’s Twitter, Jimin Twitter, Jungkook Twitter, or others accounts might not be possible. As they use a group account where one person tweets post and then use the group’s signature. Therefore, to follow Bangtan Sonyeondan, you can only follow the group’s account for updates and to communicate directly with followers. Here are steps by which you should follow to follow the popular boy band;

  • Visit twitter website or open twitter using your mobile app
  • Using the advanced twitter search, locate BTS boys official twitter page
  • click on the BTS boys account you would love to follow.
  • Tap on the follow button to follow the account.

After following their account, you can now see their latest posts on your Twitter news feed. You get to see their news without having to re-visit their page to check out their recent posts. In addition, as a fan of BTS boys, follow their Twitter page and get to know the latest about them. Also, you get to communicate with them by commenting on their posts and retweeting their posts.