Emails are said to be one of the most used for communication. Therefore, a new way of sending emails has been modernized. Through the creation of online email platforms and email services. However, the internet has so many email services which some are either emails or webmail. One of these email service providers is BT Yahoo which developed an email service known as BT Yahoo mail. BT Yahoo mail is a free email service that allows its users to send and receive emails for free.

BT Yahoo - How to Access BT Yahoo Email | BT Yahoo Mail

Furthermore, BT Yahoo Mail has two different platforms by which it can be accessed, either through the app or the website. This gives you the ability to manage your email account on the two platforms to access your BT Yahoo. Also, you should know that sign up on Bt yahoo is totally free and not age restricting. Therefore, you can open an email for yourself irrespective of your age. All you need to know about Bt yahoo mail would be stated for you in this article. So, therefore, to know more read through. Keep in mind, BT is in conjunction with Yahoo Mail in providing BT members with a free email service where they can access different BT services.

Yahoo App

However, the Bt Yahoo mail app is very free for download and is available on any app store for your mobile device. Although, the app is only available for the new email service users. Therefore, if you have started using this new email service, install the Bt yahoo mail app today as it is available for free download. Here are steps by which you should process the app download on your mobile device;

  • Open your mobile device app store
  • Using the search engine locate the BT mail app
  • Click on the app
  • Locate and tap on the “get or install” button.

The app is however not available for desktop devices. Therefore, to access BT yahoo, visit the website @ Then process the email sign up to have your own BT account. See steps on how to sign up below.

BT Email Sign up

Definitely, a sign-up requires some of your personal information. But the Bt email sign-up doesn’t. The reason is, before you can sign up for Bt email, you have to own a Bt id. This Bt account would require your personal information. Then after you can now sign up for an email without having to provide your personal information again. Follow these steps below to sign up for an email address using your Bt id;

  • Open the login page
  • Login to my Bt with your Bt id
  • Scroll down to email and click on manage
  • Tap on create new email address
  • Choose your new email
  • Enter a password

A confirmation message would then be sent to you. Just confirm your account and then it would be linked to your Bt id. After processing the BT Yahoo mail sign-up, you can now proceed to log in. Note that, without a sign up, the login would be inaccessible.

Bt Yahoo Mail Login

Bt yahoo login unlike the sign up is an easier and much quicker process. This is because you do not have to log in to your Bt account before logging in to your email. The BT Yahoo mail login however only requires two of your personal information which includes your Bt email address and your password. With these two pieces of information available, you can now login with these steps below;

  • Visit the BT Yahoo login page
  • Enter your BT email address
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the sign in button

If you want to save your account next time, you do not have to provide your login credentials. Click on the keep me sign-in box before you click on the sign-in button. But it is also advisable not to click on the keep me signed in the box while in use of the public or general device. This is to protect your BT mail account.