Did you know that aside from accessing the Bt email on the website, you can also access Bt email via the mobile application? BT email is an email service that enables you to create an email address with BT. This allows you to unlock various BT services like BT Cloud Voice, Mobile broadband, BT Sport, BT TV, and more. Introducing the BT mail app, an easy and convenient way to access Bt email account. However, you can do exactly what you can do on the BT mail website with the Bt mail app. They still both give their users the privilege to enjoy the Bt mail features. Therefore, in this article, how to access the Bt email app download. Also, what the Bt mail app entails would be stated for you.

BT Email App - Download ‎BT Email for Android, iPhone

Furthermore, the BT email app only available for both new and existing users of the email service provider as a lot about Bt mail has changed. Usually, BT email could only be accessed via the website and the new design of the email app provides an easy and secure way to stay connected with your emails. Also, using this new Bt email service, your email addresses would be updated. Then you can enjoy the new features and also switch accounts on the Bt mail app.  Although, for old BT mail users that want to access the app, there would be some changes not all would notice the change at the same time. However, it might take a few months before all users can notice the change and enjoy the Bt email app’s new features.

Features of BT Mail Mobile

The Bt mail app has lots of unique features. One of which is that it is faster to access than the Bt email website. However, more of the Bt email app features would be listed below. More of the features of the BT email application can still be discovered when you download the application and start accessing it. Here are some of the features of the Bt mail app;

  • New App Interface: The Bt email mobile application appears as a newly created app and therefore, the new features on it to enjoy as a user of the new Bt mail app which also runs a new service.
  • No Ads: A lot of people find ads to be very annoying and interrupting. But the Bt mail app is free of ads, therefore you can access the app without any interruption from different ads.
  • User Friendly: The app having a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to send, receive and organize your emails.
  • Security: 100% email security guarantee using the Bt mail application and peace of mind assured.

There are still unlisted features of the Bt email app. You should explore the app and also join other users to enjoy what the app offers to its users. However, the only way these features accessible includes installing the app on your device.

How to Download and Install BT Email App

The Bt email app cannot be downloaded on all devices. It has a limit to the devices you can download the app on. However, for Apple devices, you can use any email app on your device to access your Bt mail. Steps on how to download the BT mail app on your mobile device. This includes your iOS and Android devices, hereby listed below;

  1. Using your device app store
  2. Locate the Bt email
  3. Click on the “install” or “GET” button
  4. Wait while your mobile app is installing

The Bt email app doesn’t work or downloadable on desktop devices. Therefore, to access your BT email on your desktop device, you can do that through the BT email website. However, download the BT mail app on your mobile device and be a partaker of the benefits of using the BT mail mobile.