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Box.com – Online Cloud Storage | www.box.com

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www.box.com is a file sharing portal that provides cloud storage service for users to store their electronic file online. This is referred to as a cloud computing platform where users can easily backup their files electronically.


Box.com started as college a project in the University of Southern California way back in 2004 by Aaron Levie. This is one of the best online file sharing and hosting platform like Dropbox, Google Driver and lots more.

With box.com you can take your media files everywhere you go. This is the most secure platform to backup up your digital files. Physical storage is also good but there are other disadvantages of physical storage such as stolen or damage.

On box.com everything is been stored in the cloud and can be accessed with a username and a secure password. User don’t have to worry about damage or missing storage drive or device

Box.com Storage Plans

There are three major plans on box.com portal. Some of this plans are paid and free plans pending on the one that best suits your need. Box.com plans are.

  • Personal plans.
  • Business plans.
  • Platform Plans.

Personal plans

This is for a single individual who wants to secure and access his or her personal digital files on box.com portal.  A user can always access his or her file from anywhere using box.com cloud storage.

There are two sections in which the personal plan is been divided into namely Personal and Personal Pro. The personal is free and open to all users. Users don’t have to pay any fee but they have limited such as 10GB of storage space and file upload limit of 250MB.

Personal pro is a paid plan where a user has to pay $11.50 per month and enjoy 100GB of storage space and file upload limit of 5GB.

Business Plans

All plans on this section are paid plans starting from Starter, Business, and Enterprise. A user gets additional features more than that of the personal plans such as Full content visibility and management, user management, mobile security controls, and lot more.

Platform plans

There are two categories on platform plan on box.com portal. This integrates with box and Build with box platform. Integrate with box is free why a user has to pay $500 per month to make use of Build with box plan.

Box.com Account Sign Up

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the web address as www.box.com in the address bar section.
  2. Click on the sign up icon at the top right section on the homepage.
  3. This page is where you have to choose a plan each plan comes with different features and storage size. Some are free why some are paid plan.
  4. Enter your information’s such as full name, email address, password, and mobile number.
  5. Check if all your information is correct and click on the submit icon.

Box.com we automatically send you a confirmation email. You need to visit your email inbox to access the verification link sent to your inbox. This link we redirect you back to box portal.

What’s on Box.com

On box web portal user can start organizing and upload files and folders. On the top left section of your account users can get the upload, New, and make a note icon.

A user can create a Folder,  Box note, Bookmark, Word Document, PowerPoint Document, Excel Spreadsheet, Google Doc and Google Sheet. When they click on the New icon just after the upload icon.

There are also some important icons at the top left section on your box.com account. This are.

  • Files.
  • Updates.
  • Notifications.
  • Upgrade.
  • Profile.

Users can access their account information when they click on profile which displays their name. They can access their account settings, collaborators, Apps and lots more. User can also upgrade his or her box.com plan when he or she clicks on upgrade.

Box Login | Box.com

A user who has created an account or sign up on box.com can always access their account from anywhere. You can use the box.com mobile app or visit the portal using a web browser. All you need is a username and password you entered when creating your account. Below is a step by step guide on Box login to your account.

  1. Launch your web browser or box mobile app and enter the web address as www.box.com in the URL section.
  2. Enter your email address in the first feed and password in the second feed.
  3. Check both information if they are correct entered and then click on the sign in icon.

A user can also login using their mobile device or via their mobile app. But make you enter your accurate sign in information in the sign feed. A user with an incorrect sign in information won’t be able to sign in.

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