Best Violin Strings – Types of Violin Strings

Most of us have violinists as friends and we know how careful they are when it comes to their instruments. To them having the best strings are very important for their performance and they want to ensure that their audience enjoys themselves when they play the violin. Best violin strings are not that difficult to find. You can easily get them if you will just keep reading this article.

Best Violin Strings - Types of Violin Strings

If you are a violinist and you have a high-quality violin then it means you need to use a high-quality string. Now, it does not matter how many times you play the violin, you must make sure you replace it at least every 9months to a year. Although, most violinists require their violin strings to be replaced every three to six months to achieve the sound that they need and most times because their violins are high-quality.

Some violinists want to stick with the strings they have using for years, while others are looking for ways to change the ones they already have. Getting a better string can improve the sound of your instrument and it can also make your playing easier for you. But nowadays violinists face a lot of challenges when it comes to choosing the best string. Because of this, they tend to try out every available string.

Types of Violin Strings

There are different types of violin strings; you need to know them so that when you visit the best violin brands you will know what string to purchase. Now, let’s take a look at the different types of violin strings below.

  • Synthetic Core string
  • Steel core strings
  • Gut strings

Now that you know the types of violin strings it will be easy for you to decide the one you want. Also, when you are deciding on your set of best violin strings, it is important to consider your playing ability.

When Should I Change my Violin Strings

Getting a good violin is great but you need to know when to change the strings, although changing your strings depends on how often you play your violin. If you don’t play your violin frequently then there wouldn’t be any need to change it. Now, some signs will tell you it is time to change your strings and those signs include.

  • Your string starts to feel less responsive, causing you to work harder to pull off certain bow techniques. This can make your performance less fun for the audience.
  • When you see the string begin to unravel, usually near the bridge or the nut
  • When you notice a change in sound that you hear to be too dull or flat

Another sign that lets you know it is time to change your string is when your strings begin to slip out of tune more frequently or sound off the pitch when they are in tune. At this point, you just know that you need to visit good violin brands.

Best Violin Strings 2022

The best violin strings can be gotten from expensive violin brands. If you want the good violin strings then just know that you will spend money because you can have the highest quality violin and not have the quality strings. So, you need to choose the strings that will make you sound the best. Now, let’s take a look at the best violin strings in the market today.

  • Cecilio Violin strings
  • Thomastik Vision Titanium Solo Violin strings
  • Prim 4/4 Medium Precision Strings
  • Super-sensitive Red Label
  • Imedlod Violin Strings
  • D’Addario Accente A310
  • Fiddlerman Violin Strings
  • D’Addario Prelude Violin strings
  • Stravillio Violin Strings
  • Pirastro Obligato
  • Thomastik Dominant Strings
  • Artisans Violin Strings
  • Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Set Medium Guage Violin Strings
  • Prim 4/4 Violin String set
  • JSI special 4/4 violin string set
  • Amazon Basics Violin Strings

The most important thing to look out for when shopping for violins is the material the strings are made of. This is the mistake that most violinists make and that is why their strings get bad. However, you can find violin strings in a range of price points which means that you don’t need to break the bank to find a quality product. Most violin string sets start at around $25 which is a good price.

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