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Best TV Shows on Netflix

Is there anything like the best TV shows on Netflix. Trust me when I say this. This is a hard one. All the TV shows being aired on the Netflix platform are terrific just to say the least. Speaking from personal experience I will say choosing one Netflix TV show over another is somewhat difficult but not impossible. Since it’s a platform you are subscribing to it is only right that you get the best from it.

Best TV Shows on Netflix - Netflix Movies

It’s not an entirely bad idea that you just feel like relaxing after a hard day’s work with the best shows on Netflix. Netflix as users who have made use of the platform knows that it has a great TV shows library. The platform has got you covered in all directions. There are different genres of TV shows to meet up with demands from different users. Netflix TV shows library comprises of horror, comedy, action, sci-fi, documentaries and so much more. There is never a dull moment with the Netflix TV shows category of Netflix.

How to Access the Best TV Shows On Netflix

There are some people who haven’t made use of the Netflix platform who doubt its authenticity and originality. For clarity the Netflix platform and all of its categories and features is very real. By default all registered users of the Netflix platform can access the best TV shows on Netflix. This means that once you have a Netflix account you can access and make use of this Netflix feature and category. But if you want to access this feature and you do not have a Netflix account, visit the official Netflix page online to create your own account and start enjoying Netflix and all of its features.

The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix

Below is a list of the best 50 shows on the Netflix platform

  1. Breaking bad
  2. BoJack horseman
  3. Stranger things
  4. Mad men
  5. The office
  6. Parks and recreation
  7. Friends
  8. Arrested development
  9. Orange is the new black
  10. The haunting of hill house
  11. Better call Saul
  12. American horror story
  13. Mind hunter
  14. Twin peaks
  15. Unbreakable kimmy Schmidt
  16. The walking dead
  17. American crime story
  18. Sherlock
  19. Master of none
  20. Glow
  21. Black mirror
  22. Dear white people
  23. Everything sucks
  24. Rectify
  25. Godless
  26. daredevil
  27.  the west wing
  28. Big mouth
  29. Marvels Jessica jones
  30. Extras
  31. American vandal
  32. 13 reasons why
  33. Gilmore girls
  34. Broadchurch
  35. The good place
  36. Shameless
  37. Peaky blinders
  38. Luke cage
  39. The crown
  40. Luther
  41. Bloodline
  42. Jane the virgin
  43. New girl
  44. Portlandia
  45. House of cards
  46. Dexter
  47. Crazy ex-girlfriend
  48. Senses
  49. Weeds
  50. Grace and Frankie

That’s the best 50 TV shows on Netflix right now. Although it wasn’t easy coming up with the list. I hope for your sake and mine it’s worth it.