Best Sci-Fi Movies on Prime Video

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Best Sci-Fi Movies on Prime Video – One of the best movie genres to stream from is Sci-Fi, especially for people who love science. So, do you use Amazon prime video to stream? Then I’m sure you would be wondering about the Best Sci-Fi Movies you can stream on Prime Video. Worry less as in this article we would be providing you with the Best Sci-Fi Movies you can watch on Prime Videos.

Best Sci-Fi Movies on Prime Video

Although some of these movies might not be recent, they are movies that you should watch. As they are not just interesting, they are also educative and informative. Also, prime videos have compiled the best time travel, Alternate realities, futuristic technology, and many more interesting movies you can stream.

Furthermore, with amazon prime video, you can watch any Sci-Fi movie of your choice without leaving your comfort zone. Just name it and get it at the tap of a button. There are lots of genres of movies available on Amazon Prime Video but Sci-Fi movies are known to go deep into political and social themes and also technology.

With Amazon Prime Video’s best Sci-fi movies you can satisfy your movie’s desire. Do you want to watch Sci-Fi movies on prime video but do not know the one to go for? Not to worry. That is because in this article are the best Sci-Fi movies on Amazon prime video

Best Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Without much ado, let’s talk about the Best Sci-Fi movies available on Amazon Prime video. Below is the best Sci-fi movie you can see on Amazon prime video this year and their storyline, check them out;

The Terminator (1984)

Although the sci-fi movie involves time travel, artificial intelligence, and a post-apocalyptic future, the terminator is an action movie that talks about survival. The movie does not have any twists or turns of events and it does not need them. All the actors and actresses brought out the best in each character. And this made the Terminator feels like an 80s movie.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

This Sci-Fi movie stars Peter Weller as Polymath Buckaroo Banzai, a test pilot, a brilliant physicist, a neurosurgeon, and a rockstar. Who has to save the world from invading aliens from a different planet? Although this genre mash-up was not a big one at the box office, it is appreciated for growing in the ensuing decades.

The Wave

The Wave Starring Long Justin as Frank, an insurance lawyer who is celebrating success at work. On a night in the town with colleagues, Frank is given a great and powerful psychotic agent that breaks down his grip on reality. Asleep and waking up in very different surroundings, he must do everything in his power to regain sobriety. What do you think will happen? Check out in The wave.


On a mission to free a group of politicians, Dutch, and his crew enters a Central American country only to discover a much greater threat. As the team begins to discover corpses, an unknown assailant drops from the jungle- fast, deadly, and invincible. This is a very hard-hitting action movie you will love with no doubt


Mashing up the Sci-Fi genres and horrors, you simply can never go wrong. The movie stars Michael Baldwin as Mike, a young suburbanite who begins to suspect that the town mortician is responsible for his older brother’s death. With lots of hunting down and betrayal in this movie, you should not miss it for the world.

Archive (2020)

For an amazing, thoughtful Sci-FI movie that makes sure not to lets, its meditations take control of entertainment value. The archive is an amazing shout. It is a story about a scientist making an All as human as possible. What could be his reason? Stream Archive and know about storytelling.

Robocop (1987)

Haven’t heard about Robocop? It is an 80s one that centers on a police officer who was murdered brutally. Only for him to come back as a cyborg on a crime-stopping rampage.

Vivarium (2019)

This Sci-Fi movie is one of the joys of Amazon Prime video. The movie stars Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg as a young couple who are looking for a new house. However, their experience becomes a bad nightmare as they were trapped in a row of identical houses.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime TV and stream these amazing Sci-Fi movies. They are movies that will keep you glued to your sit with no doubt. Just watch them and do not forget to thank me later