Looking for safe, secure, and convenient accounts where you can save your money. However, there are hundreds of personal savings account service that offers you a secure, safe, and convenient way to savings with highest interest rates. The workhorse of personal finance is identified as a place that allows you to deposit checks and also make transactions that include paying bills. A savings account is quite important when you set financial goals and you want to accomplish the goal.

Best Savings Account for September 2021

Probably, you want to save money to purchase a nice car, a nice piece of jewelry, and others. Hence, if you’re looking for savings account or upgrading your current bank account. You need to get information about the account you’re opening. The first thing you need to consider when looking for a saving account is the interest rate.

Most times, high-internet savings are set to offers a modest return. A certificate of deposits or CD might come with an appealing interest rate and the risk is small, but it must be insured federally. This particular type of savings is the right one to go for in terms of reaching a savings goal. There are two categories of savings accounts. This includes the online-only kind which appears as a new bank but doesn’t have branches or retail presence. The second one is the online bank that has a branch where you can visit and also a bank’s ATM. Based on the information from CNET.com, where you provided you with the best savings, account for September 2021.

Best Savings Account for September 2021

High Yield Chime Savings Account

In terms of the overall best online savings account, High Yield Chime saving account is considered top with an interest rate of 0.5% APY. Chime is an exclusive online financial institution that offers you the best personal savings account tools. Some of the benefits include no monthly fees, no minimum deposits, and also an easy way to transfer your money in and out of your account.

Sallie Mae SmartyPig

Looking for a personal savings account that includes a high interest rate, Sallie Mae is popularly known for it high-interest rates and is also a student loan provider. It offers members powerful personal savings account tools to set financial goals and achieve them. Sallie Mae SmartyPig is available to all 50 states in the United States and it comes with no monthly fee, no minimum, and also interest rate of up to 0.7% APY.

Citi Accelerate

If you want to use a well know bank, Citi Accelerate is the best choice for in-person banking. Citi Accelerate is quite different from others based on it provides you with a competitive APY and also includes national chain benefits. One of the benefits includes access to over 60,000 Citi, and also ATMs, 24/7 customer service.


Another one in which you can go is PC, where you can open a PNC High Yield Savings Account. This offers you 0.4% APY, and also no monthly fee, minimum deposit. Accessibility to PNC is only to 19 states that don’t have a retail location of PNC.

Differences of Checking and Savings Accounts

Most people are usually confused with checking and savings account. You need to take note of the difference between a checking and savings account. The Checking Account is designed to help performance transactions and payments with payment with powerful transaction tools that includes debit card, mobile app and more. The difference is that a checking account doesn’t include an interest rate or provide a low rate of 0.1%.

The savings account offers members a huge interest rate and operates as an online-only bank. It also comes with a safe, secure, and convenient way to create your financial goal. With a savings account, you can enjoy the highest yields and other benefits as well.