Best Movies on Netflix

Are you new on the Netflix platform and already looking forward to the best movies on Netflix? Netflix is one of the best of its kind if not the best of its and this generation. If you are looking for quality entertainment and time well spent, trust me when I say Netflix is just the perfect place for you. Despite the fact that I am writing on the best movies on Netflix, most of the movies if not all the movies on this platform are great. The Netflix platform has got you covered in all directions. No matter the type or genre of movie you want, they are all available. It has a very rich library ranging from comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, thriller and so much more.

Best Movies on Netflix - Netflix Movies

How to Gain Access to the Best Movies on Netflix

This is a regular question among those who are new to the platform or who are yet to register with the platform. Gaining access to this Netflix feature is easy. All you need is your very own Netflix account and an internet-enabled device. What I mean by the above is that without a Netflix account you cannot gain access to the Netflix platform itself or any of its features. So therefore for you to gain quick and easy access to this platform and its features you need to register an account with Netflix as soon as possible.

Registering an account with Netflix is not all like I said earlier you still need a device through which you can stream, watch and download Netflix’s movies. It is not just any device though. The device must be internet enabled. With the two criteria’s above successfully fulfilled you should be able to access Netflix’s best movies and all of its features.

Top 50 Best Movies on Netflix

It wasn’t easy coming up with the list I am about to give to you, trust me. All the movies on Netflix are so good that is almost impossible to select the best or separate one from the other. Below is the list of the top fifty movies on Netflix right now.

  1. Touch of evil.
  2. The third man.
  3. Raiders of the lost ark.
  4. The other side of the wind.
  5. Schindlers list.
  6. Boyhood.
  7. No country for old men.
  8. Monty pythons life of Brian.
  9. Black Panther.
  10. Under the skin.
  11. Close encounters of the third kind.
  12. Cartel land.
  13. Certain women.
  14. Carol.
  15. Heat.
  16. Raw.
  17. The dark knight.
  18. Children of men.
  19. The Stranger.
  20. The Witch.
  21. Battle Royale.
  22. The lobster.
  23. The Breadwinner.
  24. The raid; redemption.
  25. Roma.
  26. Boy and the world.
  27. Little Dieter needs to fly.
  28. Her.
  29. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
  30. Se7en.
  31. Faces places.
  32. Magic Mike.
  33. Cinema paradise.
  34. 45 years.
  35. Monty Python and the holy grail.
  36. She’s gotta have it.
  37. The Ballard of buster Scruggs.
  38. Private life.
  39. Evolution.
  40. The five venoms.
  41. Okja.
  42. Under the shadow.
  43. Green room.
  44. Brother’s keeper.
  45. Star wars: the last Jedi.
  46. Graduation.
  47. Avengers: infinity war.
  48. Experimenter.
  49. Coco.
  50. My happy family.

The list above comprises of the top 50 best movies on Netflix.