Best Heroes In Hero Wars – Hero Wars Tier List Mobile 2021/2022

Are you hearing of Hero Wars for the first time? This article will be of great help to you. Hero Wars is an online fantasy game that involves fighting enemies and collecting the powerful heroes in Dominion. You can also make friends, take part in different events, collect pets and even explore dungeons. Hero Wars is an apex roleplaying game online today. The game is divided into eight categories and the game has three types of damage that will affect the players which are: Physical, pure, and magical damage. Best Heroes In Hero Wars on the game involves joining epic players vs players in arena battles, fighting enemies, and collecting the most powerful heroes in Dominion. You can power up your heroes, unlock skills, train their army and create a league. Hero Wars have some of the best heroes.

Best Heroes In Hero Wars - Hero Wars Tier List Mobile 2021-2022
Best Heroes In Hero Wars – Hero Wars Tier List Mobile 2021/2022

Hero Wars was created and developed by Nexters and was released in 2016. The game is free which means that anyone can play and take part in the game. It is available on Android and IOS platforms. Hero Wars exists in two modes which are single-player mode and Multiplayer mode which means that you can play alone or choose to play with other players. Its players can control a group of heroes and titans who all possess a set of skills. You can also buy items with cash through the store. You can become an excellent player and leave a legacy as a guardian of Dominion.

Why should I download Hero Wars?

Hero Wars is created with the best heroes ever. This means that Dominion City is safeguarded and watched by the best heroes. You can play the amazing game and defeat the goblin and become a guardian of Dominion. This allows you to display your skills and explore Hero Wars. You can fight and battle with enemies with the help of other heroes. Also, play with its single and multiplayer modes. You can unlock skills and create your own army and even build a league.

Who are the best heroes of Hero Wars?

 The Hero Wars Adventure has varieties of heroes but only a few bring you to victory. These Best Heroes are used throughout the game in order to achieve success. Below, I will be mentioning a list of some of the Best Heroes in Heroes Wars:

  • Astaroth- Tank, Support (Strength).
  • Lars- Mage, Control (Intelligence).
  • Krista- Mage (Intelligence).
  • Aurora- Tank (Strength).
  • Iris- Mage (Intelligence).
  • Celeste- Healer, control (Intelligence).
  • K’arkh- Warrior (Agility).
  • Jorgen-Control, support (Strength).
  • Lilith- Tank, Control (Strength).
  • Dark star- Marksman, Control (Agility).
  • Chabba- Tank, Control (Strength).
  • Mojo- Mage, Support (Intelligence).
  • Thea- Healer (Intelligence).
  • Judge- Mage, Support (Intelligence).
  • Kai- Mage (Intelligence).
  • Phobos- Mage, Control (Intelligence).
  • Luther- Tank, Control (Strength).
  • Morrigan- Healer, Support (Intelligence).
  • Markus- Healer, Support (Intelligence).
  • Ginger- Marksman (Agility).
  • Ishmael- Warrior (Agility).
  • Ziri- Tank (Strength).
  • Astrid and Lucas- Warrior, Marksman (Agility).
  • Peppy- Mage, Support (Intelligence).
  • Rufus- Tank, Support (Strength).
  • Qing Mao- Warrior (Agility).
  • Tristan- Warrior (Strength).
  • Satori- Mage (Intelligence).
  • Faceless- Mage, Control (Intelligence).
  • Galahad- Tank (Strength).
  • Fox- Marksman (Agility).
  • Jet- Support, Healer (Intelligence).
  • Sebastian- Support (Agility).
  • Corvus- Tank (Strength).
  • Alvanor- Support, Mage (Intelligence).
  • Cornelius- Mage, Support (Intelligence).
  • Xe’Sha- Mage, Support (Intelligence).
  • Nebula- Support (Agility).
  • Maya- Healer, Mage (Intelligence).
  • Orion- Mage (Intelligence).
  • Isaac- Support, Control (Agility).
  • Lian- Mage, Control (Intelligence).
  • Jhu- Marksman (Strength).
  • Keira- Marksman (Agility).
  • Helios- Mage, Support (Intelligence).
  • Martha- Tank, Support (Intelligence).
  • Cleaver- Tank, Control (Strength).
  • Andvari- Support, Control (Strength).
  • Heidi- Mage (Intelligence).
  • Yasmine- Warrior (Agility).
  • Dorian- Support (Intelligence).

Where can I play the Hero Wars game?

You can also play the online game on Facebook and you can play Hero Wars when you download the mobile app on your Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can also play the game on its website.

Who is the best team on Hero Wars?

The best teams in the Hero Wars game are Astaroth, Orion, Helios, and Nebula and the best heroes are Aurora, Jorgen, and Martha.