Bell email is an email service provided by Bell internet which enables you to create two types of email account on its platform. These accounts however include a personal email and a business email. But to create a bell email account, you have to first open an account with My bell or bell internet. Creating a Maybell account is however a very easy process and also gives you access to another service it offers including Bell email. To sign up for Maybell, some information would be required of you which includes your account or phone number and email address. All you just have to do is provide the information required of you correctly to sign up for an account.

Nevertheless, email is considered to be one of the most used methods of communication as the use of email addresses is now used to send emails rather than the traditional way which includes using a mailbox and sending a mailman. However, there are different email services available on the internet today which include; Gmail, Ymail, ProtonMail, Outlook, and many more. Aside from these listed ones, there is another email service. This might not be as popular as the mentioned email services but offers an easy-to-use interface is Bell email. However, Bell email is unlike other email service providers. This is based on the fact that this allows you to unlock a wide range of Bell services that includes Internet service, Smart Home, and more.

Features of Bell Email

Bell email is a free email service built with an easy-to-use interface. With it, users can easily access features from the home page. Plus, in terms of accessing the platform on mobile, it built a mobile device-friendly experience. It comes with advanced security in other to protect your account from unrecognize attempts on your account. However, other features include:

  • Ability to create up to 15 email addresses
  • Sufficient email storage
  • Email anti-virus protection
  • Junk email filter
  • Keep track of your contacts
  • Schedule business appointment and more

Above all, you can also create tasks lists and also set reminders to keep track of your events. In other to enjoy and have access to all these features, you have to first create a Bell account. After which log in to your bell account to create an email account. New to the bell? Check below on how to sign up for Bell’s email.

Bell Email Sign Up

Bell Email sign-up is a registration process. Aside from the bell registration is a very simple process but different from other email signs up. To create an account, there is some information that would be required of you. This information is however just a few of your personal information which includes; your login credentials, name, language, email address, and password. With this information, you can now process the sign up with these steps below;

  • Visit Bell website @
  • Click on the login/register button
  • Login providing your Bell login credentials
  • Click on the login button
  • On your bell email homepage, locate the go to internet overview link and click on it
  • Tap on the manage your bell email link
  • Click on the create new email button
  • Provide the info required of you
  • Tap on save
  • You can now start accessing your email.

If you have not registered for a bell account, you should first process the bell account sign-up. Then after which follow the above-listed steps to create an email address for either your personal or business use. Meanwhile, creating an account would require you to process the login. See below for steps on how to process your login.

How to Login

Bell email login is not as tasking as the signup. You do not need to sign in to your Bell account to process your bell mail login. Also, to access your account you would need to provide your login credentials which include your username and password. With this info, process the login with the steps listed for you below;

  • Visit Bell login page
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on the login button

The login process is just like other email login processes. In conclusion, if you have not signed up for bell you are missing out on a lot. However, sign up for bell today and gain access to all features owning an account entitles you to.