Am sure a lot of you have never heard of Barclay or used Barclays credit card before. Well if you haven’t then you should continue reading this article. Barclays credit card is a must-have for everyone and if you don’t have the card then you are missing out. Barclay’s credit card login allows you to have access to your Barclay’s account where you can do your online bookings of hotels and travel tickets.

Barclay’s Credit Card Login - Priceline Reward Card

Barclay’s visa credit card has amazing customer service that is always available to customers 24/7. If you have any questions or inquires about Barclay’s bank or if you need any assistance regarding the details of Barclay’s Priceline rewards credit card. You can just reach out to their customer care for any assistance.

Priceline rewards is a credit card owned by Barclays bank. Having a credit card exposes customers to exclusive travel deals that they would enjoy. However, Priceline is a very popular website for online bookings of hotels and travel tickets. The website is also accessible to everyone who wants to have Barclay’s credit card.

The Benefit of Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card

Barclay’s credit card login has its benefits for all card members and aside from that, you get to enjoy other amazing benefits once you have activated your card. So let’s take a look at these benefits below.

  • As a card member, you can earn up to 10,000 bonus points after any qualifying purchases.
  • You can get unlimited access to Priceline VIP Gold status to unlock access to deals
  • Free access to your FICO credit score online
  • There are no limits to the earning reward points you can get
  • When you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 90days you will receive 10,000 points back.
  • As a member, you stand a chance to earn 5x the reward points on eligible purchases at
  • There are no foreign transactions fees on any international purchase
  • You can earn 2x points on gas and restaurants purchase including delivery services

Most importantly, all cardmembers are not to be held responsible for any fraudulent charges made and you can get a 10% of the reward points back every time you redeem your rewards for a statement credit

Other Barclay’s Services

There are other additional services offered by Barclay that most people do not know. Well, let’s take a look at them below.

  • Personal loan
  • Current accounts
  • Car loan
  • Savings account
  • Bond investments
  • Mortgages
  • Commercial banking
  • ISAs
  • Wholesale banking
  • Insurance
  • Investment banking
  • Private banking
  • Credit loan
  • Debit loan
  • Top-up loan
  • Debt consolidation loan

These additional services are available to all cardmembers and if you are making use of Barclay’s credit card then you have the freedom to make use of these services.

How to Activate my Priceline Reward Card?

The process is very simple if you are following the instructions below. But before we start Barclay’s credit card login can only be possible if you have activated your account. And there are certain credentials needed to activate your card successfully. So follow these steps below to activate your card.

  • The first step is to open your device’s web browser
  • Visit the official website using the website address Priceline Rewards
  • Then locate the Cardmember Login on the homepage then click on it
  • You will be taken to the login page
  • Scroll down the page and click on Set up Online Access
  • Enter your 4 digits Social security Number on the page
  • Also, enter your correct date of birth on the space provided
  • Type in your Account Number after that
  • Select your current occupation from the list
  • tap Yes if you are a US citizen and No if you are not

Once you have done click Continue underneath the page then you can now check reviews and also verify your details. Tap Submit to activate your Barclay’s credit card.