During the course of this Babbel review, you would be learning just how you can make use of Babbel and what it’s all about. For starters, I would say that the Babbel review is just a guide on how to use Babbel. We’ll start off by answering the question “what is Babbel”. Babbel is one of the few but famous apps that are designed to help you with the language of your choice. This literally means that you can learn different languages with this app.

Babbel Review - Babbel.com Review

In short, Babbel is a language learning app which is subscription-based. Their subscription allows you to learn fourteen different languages. The babel app is built in a curriculum-based way. All the contents in there are also pre-recorded which removes the involvement of live interaction.

Who is Babbel For?

This is a question I sometimes ask myself and I have come up with a suitable answer. From statistics, most of the people using Babbel are beginners who are just getting to learn a new language. This brings me to a simple conclusion that Babbel is for anyone who which to learn a language different from his or hers. Babbel also turns out to be at the low end when it comes to pricing. Babbel is also useful for people who want to learn new vocabulary words or improve their sentence structures. Babbel also allows people to jump to various levels if you think the level is too advanced for you as a beginner.

Babbel Pricing

Looking from the cost perspective, Babbel is low. While you would have to pay per language you want to learn, the content you would receive is totally worth the price. Comparing Babbel to other based learning apps, we think Babbel is fully on point. After getting a taste of Babbel’s product through a series of ten basic languages, you would hit the pay-wall. This pay-wall would ask you to sign up and you would then see the price you have to pay. The cost you would be charged by Babbel depends on the language you want to learn and the subscription you want to get. The price range is between four to twelve dollars.

Babbel Alternatives

Babbel is a great app when it comes to learning a new language but it also has its own alternatives. The top alternative you should consider to Babbel is Duolingo. Duolingo is a great choice because it is totally free. There are also hundreds of languages you can learn using Duolingo.