Apple Watch Series 4 – Is Apple Watch Series 4 worth buying

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Have you heard that the Apple watch series 4 has been released in September by the apple company, the series 4 is 10.7mm thick, has 16GB storage, and has no sim card slot in the watch plus a one-year warranty when you purchase it? When you shop for the Apple watch series 4, you will up to 15% off the price with also free delivery and returns. The series 4 has been refurbished with a larger display, new heart rate sensor, new watch faces, and a re-engineered that helps you stay connected, healthy, and also active always.

Apple Watch Series 4 - Is Apple Watch Series 4 worth buying

The Apple watch series 4 is in different brands, sizes, colors you will like to use and it is with a GPS + cellular, 44mm stainless steel case, and so on.  The series 4 has advanced activity and good features of communication, along with very good and health capabilities, and a sensor that detects an electrical heart rate and also detects herd falls. The series 4 unified forms have new hardware and software enhancements that provide you with information that is richer in detail. The series can be a very good guardian for your health, a fitness companion and with the new fall detector, the series 4 will be of great help.

Features of the Apple watch series 4

The features are the things you get to enjoy while using the apple watch series 4. The following are the features of the apple watch series 4.

  • Improved gyroscope
  • Electrical heart sensor
  • Water resistant. 50 meters
  • Optical heart sensor
  • Barometric altimeter
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
  • Improved accelerometer that is up to 32 g-forces
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Speaker
  • Gymkit
  • Apple pay
  • Capacity 16GB
  •  Ceramic  and sapphire crystal back
  • Microphone

Once you are able to purchase the apple watch series 4, you will definitely get to enjoy sll of these features and much more.

What is the price for the apple watch series 4?

The price of the apple series 4 depends on the types of series 4 you are purchasing, but do not worry we will be listing it below for you.

  • 40mm{space black stainless, black sport band} at $699.00
  • 44mm{space black stainless, black sport band} at $749.00
  • 40mm{stainless steel, Milanese loop} at $799.00
  • 44mm{stainless steel, Milanese loop} at $849.00
  • 40mm{silver aluminum, white sport band} at $369.00
  • 44mm{gold aluminum, pink sand sport band} at $359.00
  • 40mm{space gray aluminum, black sport band} at $439.00
  • 44mm{silver aluminum, seashell sport loop} at $379.00

All of these and more are the series 4 available all in their best prices.

Is apple series 4 waterproof

The apple watch series 4 is not waterproof but it has a water resistor. Such as sweat during exercise, rain, while washing your hands, shower, and so on. But the series 4 cannot be exposed to soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and perfumes so as not to start malfunctioning after being exposed to these things.