Are you an apple product user but you do not really know about your iPhone iCloud and how to do stuff on them? The Apple iCloud is very easy and simple to use and how to set the iCloud does not at all require any difficult steps. With iCloud, you can send and receive messages from the iCloud mail account you created on your Apple iPhone. iCloud allows keeping and also access your pictures, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and much more you have kept on the Apple iCloud.

Apple iCloud - Set up iCloud on Apple Devices | Apple iCloud Storage

Apple iCloud can be set up on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and as well as your Windows computer and also on You can also upgrade your iCloud to iCloud + which you can also use to send and receive emails from a custom email domain.  You can also use a third-party email like Gmail but you have to also create another cloud email that will be linked to your Apple ID. With the iCloud account, you can archive mail, manage junk messages, print and email. Organize emails with folders, manage email aliases, read email, use a custom email domain and so much more.

Apple iCloud Drive

The Apple iCloud drive is a component part of the iCloud and can be accessed when you navigate to  You can also use it to check all the applications and tools supported by the service and much more. The iCloud drive is document-oriented file storage that allows and helps you keep all of your data in between your various devices ranging from your PCs, iPhones, iPad, and Macs.

iCloud Storage

The Apple iCloud storage is automatically 3GB after you have set up your iCloud on your Apple devices. You can keep the safety of your photos, videos which will be in the iCloud photos with the iCloud storage on your mobile device. You can also get to upgrade your iCloud to icloud+. Also get to make sure all of your documents in the iCloud drive and more are all up to date.

How to Set up your Apple icloud account

When you want to create your Apple account on your mobile device successfully you have to follow the steps that will be given to you well without leaving anyone out. The following are the ways you can create your iCloud account on your mobile device.

  • open the settings on your app
  • click on your name
  • select the icloud
  • switch on the mail option to get a pop up message
  • click on the create in the pop up window
  • enter the name you want before the
  • click on the next icon
  • confirm on the choice you have made
  • click on done

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Apple iCloud account with these few steps mentioned above. The next step after creating the account is how you can log in to the account on your mobile device.

How to Login to my Apple iCloud Account

As have stated earlier when you want to create the iCloud account is very simple, so will be the login steps as well. The following are the ways you can log in to the iCloud account on your mobile device.

  • visit the official login page at
  • enter you apple ID
  • type in your password
  • click on the sign in

You will be immediately logged in to your Apple iCloud account without any stress. But if you have a problem logging in to your Apple iCloud account. Go through the necessary process on how to solve it so that you can be able to keep all your things safe with the iCloud.