AOL webmail offers free email services just like Gmail and Yahoo mail. It is an email service provided by AOL its parent company.  AOL webmail is also referred to as AIM Mail this is a short acronym for AOL instant messenger.

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This is a unique where users can send and receive instant messages. On this platform, users can send and receive emails in one click. There is no hiding cost or fee for send emails. All you need to get started is to sign up for free.

Features of AOL Webmail

Users who have an account with AOL webmail can enjoy all these features at no cost.

  • Unlimited storage capacity for emails.
  • Has a limit of 25MB for files Attached to mail.
  • 90 days expiry period on an inactive account. A user is expected to have login to his account within a period of 90day.
  • ADS are displayed on email account interface and other embedded links are disable and can only be activated by the user.
  • There is a spam protection features on all Aol webmail.
  • There is also an active virus protection feathers. That protect user account from a virus.
  • Spell checking. This is one unique feature that helps users to check their spellings when composing a mail.

There are also some new unique features that are available to all users. To gain access to these features you need to create an account. This is free you don’t have to pay any fee to create an account. Let’s get started.

AOL Webmail Sign Up

In other to begin this process you need an internet connection and a PC. You can as well make use of a mobile device that is internet-enabled.

  1. Launch any internet web browser program on your PC. And enter the URL in the address feed as and tap the enter key.
  2. On the AOL Webmail, home page click on Get a Free Username which is below the sign in icon.
  3. You have to fill every feed with your accurate information in other to create your account.
  4. After filling in all adequate information such as Name, Username, Mobile phone, and password. Click on the sign up button.
  5. A six-digit verification pin we are sent to your mobile phone. Enter the pin in the box.
  6. The next page is the welcome page showing your account information click ok to continue.

You have successfully created an AOL Webmail email account. To access your mail click on the mail icon at the top left side on the home page.

Here comes your inbox where you can send and receive mail. Your inbox comprises of Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash, Contacts, and Calendar. Now you can send and receive emails from anywhere in the world. You can also access your account using any device that supports an internet web browser.

If you have created an account you don’t have to create an account again in other to access your account. You can always login to your account at any time. Here are a few steps on how to login to your account.

Aol Webmail Login

In other to access your account you need to complete the account login process. This is very fast and easy. Note account login is only for users who have already created an account. You can follow the above sign up steps to create an account. Below is simple login steps.

  1. You need an internet-enabled device with a web browser.
  2. Launch any internet web browser on your device.
  3. Enter the URL on the address bar of your browser and hit the enter button.
  4. Here comes the login page. you have to enter your username in the first feed and password in the second feed.
  5. You can always mark the Remember me box if you are using your personal device so you don’t have to always login every time. Now click on the sign in icon.

By completing the above steps you have successfully login to your AOL webmail account. You can always login at any time there is no special time or any restriction on login if you have all the necessary login information.

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