A variety of platforms offers web portals and online services to its users in the world we live in today. Its left for every device owner to select from the trending platforms that offer this kind of service. One of the popular platforms that users can use to get this kind of service is the AOL platform. To access this platform service user will need to use the AOL sign up button.

AOL Sign Up - How to Sign up for a Free AOL Mail Account

AOL sign up is a registration process that involves users filling in their personal details on a secure platform. This process is totally free and requires no money before a user will be able to access the AOL registration page. After a user carries out the AOL sign up process on their device, they will own an active AOL account.

Advantages AOL Email Account

Owning an AOL account comes with many advantages that make a device owner wanting to carry out AOL sign up. There are lots of things a user can use their AOL account to do on a mobile and desktop device. As far as the user knows how to access and use the AOL product services, nothing will be difficult for them.

After AOL sign up, users will be able to use AOL email services on their mobile device or desktop. This is a fun-to-use service of this wonderful platform. The good thing is that it is totally free to use as long as far as a user owns an account on AOL. The name of this popular web-based email service of the platform is AOL Mail.

Another service a user can use an AOL account to access is the AOL instant messenger which people call AIM. This is a very wonderful instant messaging tool of the platform just like Facebook messenger, Skype, and many others. It offers AOL users the opportunity to use an instant messenger service in a very wonderful manner.

The above, are merely some things a user can use after carrying out the AOL sign up process. So, it’s left for a user with interest in web portals and online services to create an AOL account. Especially for users that are in search of attractive platforms to get news and entertainment service. With an AOL account, users will be able to get this kind of service via AOL.com.

How to Sign up for a Free AOL Mail Account

Due to the attractive services of AOL, device owners look for means to carry out the AOL sign up process. Well, users in this kind of situation have come to the right place in getting possible solutions. To do this, users need to connect their device to an active internet connection. Once this is in place, users can carry out the AOL sign up with the following steps.

  1. Launch the web browser on your device.
  2. Open the AOL.com website with the URL www.aol.com on device web browser.
  3. Click the Sign Up button at the top of the AOL.com homepage.
  4. Enter your first and last name.
  5. Create and enter an AOL username of your choice.
  6. Create and enter the password for your AOL account.
  7. Input your date of birth.
  8. Choose your gender.
  9. Enter your zip code.
  10. Choose a security question for your AOL account form the menu available.
  11. Input your valid phone number.
  12. Input an alternative email address. This step is optional.
  13. Click the Sign Up button.

Immediately after the above steps, the user will complete the AOL sign up process earning them an active AOL account. Users will be able to access the AOL mail services and AIM instant messaging services with their AOL account. Users are to keep their AOL login details well, which includes their AOL username and AOL password to avoid getting AOL hack issues.