AOL Search – How to Use AOL Search Engine

How do I use AOL Search Engine? Meanwhile, AOL is a free email service where you can send and receive emails without hassle. It provides its users with the best email experience. And it has created a calendar where you can store the dates and times for your meetings and keeps you updated. On AOL, you can watch and read the news on AOL mail, you can browse for anything. Additionally, you can also create and organize your mail on AOL. Furthermore, the email service has made things easy for its users; it helps you get better at email, and it allows you to connect with families and friends around the world.

AOL Search - How to Use AOL Search Engine

What is AOL Search?

AOL search is a part of AOL that allows you to browse for anything. It provides a lot of results about whatever you search for. And it makes getting information about something you search for easy. You can search for something just by using a word or phrase that describes what you are searching for. Also, it is the easiest way to search for something; you can search for photos, videos, or news about something. Some of the features of the search engine include sponsored links, organic links, Related Search, History Search, and more. You need to know some tips when using the AOL search you need to do it in a way you will get what you are looking for.

How to use It?

It is very easy to use the AOL search, it has been made easy to locate and use, and you do not need a special way to do so. The AOL search is really fun and easy to use; here are some steps to guide you;

  • Go to the webpage at
  • Or open the Mobile App on your Android or IOS Device.
  • At the top, you will find the search button.
  • Enter what you want to search for.
  • Click on search.
  • Now select any of the given steps of your choice.

This is all you need to do. You can now search for anything whenever you want. Remember your internet connection needs to be on so you don’t have difficulties searching for something. Sometimes you might not get what you really want; this is because you were not being specific about what you want. So remember to keep it simple.

Tips To Know When Using Search

There are some tips you need to follow when using the AOL search. Following these steps will make your searching much easier; it will help you in getting the answers you need on what you searched for. Some tips to guide you are;

  • Be specific about what you want to search for
  • You can add quote marks to your phrase
  • If you don’t get what you want when you search you can change the words
  • You do not  need to worry about capitalization when searching
  • You can search for questions
  • You can search for anything.

With these few tips, I hope I was able to make things easy for you. The AOL search is the best for searching; you can now look for things and get what you will help.

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