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Aol News is an America based company popularly known as America online. It offers global media services all around the world. With it hand quarters located in New York. It is a digital distributor of digital content services and product to publisher, advertisers and consumers.

AOL News

It is a media cooperation that offers  services like Content, Advertising, Local, Membership and AOL News.  But here am going to tell you what AOL News service is all about and how the get this service right on your device.

AOL News

This is an around information service on what’s happen around you. AOL News bring you breaking news service on various news category such as.

  • News.
  • Sports.
  • Entertainment.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Finance.
  • Weather.
  • Videos.

To get all the list headline visit www.aol.com either with a PC (Personal Computer) or a mobile device. You can get both local and international headlines when you visit the news section.

On this portal you can get popular trendy news from popular website like MovieFone.com, TechCrunch.com, StyleList, The Huffington Post and Daily Finance. They are lots of awesome stories under lifestyle category.

If you are a football or any sporting activity lover you can get update on sport from Aol news when you click on the sport section this is a zone for all around entertainment.

There is also a vide section that shows short video of events and lifestyle. This is part of Aol news service that give you all the excitement’s when watching videos. When you click on video menu you get to see two video categories such as Recommended and Everyone’s Watching.

AOL News App for Android and IOS Free Download

If you already have an android or IOS device the makes it easy to stay connected and informed wit Entertainment, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Finance, Weather and Videos. Get all the fascinating services you get on the web version using the mobile app.

With the mobile app you can receives Mail right using the app. There is also a quick swipe to delete, move, mark or flag mail on your inbox. You can also get access to all your contact right using the app.

User can set a notification in other to get instant push notification alert for breaking news stories. You can also watch video clips of your interest via the app.

To Downlod the App for Android click here…

To Downlod the App for IOS click here…

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