You want to have an email address of your own and don’t know which to sign up for? It is true that there are different email service providers. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, ProtonMail, and AOL are considered as the top best email services provider in the world today. But in terms of reliable, secure, and fast email providers, AOL stands as one of the recommended emails to select from. However, AOL mail is a free email service provided by AOL. The AOL mail sign up gives you a mail experience to communicate and connect with your family and friends by creating an email account using your AOL mail account.

AOL Mail Sign Up - Create and Manage an AOL Mail Account

Furthermore, the AOL mail sign up is a registration process or an email account creation whereby it enables you to create an email account or username and password with AOL. Once you’ve completed the AOL email sign up procedures, this allows free access to the various services offered by AOL and other non-AOL services. The requirement to create new AOL account is completely free and comes with no age requirement when setting up your email account. The requirement only includes your personal information to complete the AOL email sign up account.

How to Create New AOL Account

Creating a new AOL account is completely free and accessible to everyone in different parts of the world. No payment required when going through the AOL account creation procedures. Only the following step below is required for the new sign up for your AOL mail account:

  • Visit the AOL sign up website.
  • Enter your required information.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Verify your phone number.
  • Click on the “done” button to proceed.

The steps listed above, after being completed would direct you to the AOL mail homepage where you would come across the basic features of the AOL mail. These features are considered to be what makes up the AOL mail. They are; news, inbox, drafts, spam, and other mail features. You also need to secure your account to avoid unauthorized login.

How to Secure or Manage your AOL Mail Account

Securing and managing your email account is very important. On the internet today a lot of people are victims of cybercrimes in which most cases are due to the lack of email account security. Therefore. The security of your email account matters as it helps protect your important information and confidentiality. Ways by which you can secure your AOL email account after accessing the sign up most especially as a new email user are;

  • Create a strong password for difficult guessing of people but easily remembered by you.
  • Avoid sharing your email information with people.
  • Activate the two-step verification to enable two points of access to your account.
  • Avoid clicking on the remember me box while using public devices to login.
  • Clicking on unrecognized links should be avoided.

In conclusion, it is one thing to create an email account and it is another thing to protect it. The AOL mail sign-up gives you the privilege to do a lot on AOL mail. Personal and important messages can be sent to your email. Therefore, to avoid the leaking of your personal information and credentials to different people, follow the above-listed instructions to protect your AOL mail account.