Have you heard of the AOL log-in? If you want to connect to your family and friends with a personalized mail experience. AOL is always available for your use. AOL was amongst the first set military of the internet when it in the mid-1990s and became a well-known brand in the united stated on the web.

AOL Log in - Sign in to Your AOL Mail Account

It provides a web portal, email, instant messaging, and later on a web browser that followed the purchase of Netscape but it is originally set up for a dial-up service to millions of Americans also.

When you lose your AOL mail while you are far away from your computer, you do not have to worry because you can still gain access to the AOL mail through your mobile device on the mobile app. with AOL you can still use Outlook or any other third party email to receive and send their AOL email.

The AOL is based in New York and is being marketed by a current incarnation of yahoo! Inc. the history of the services was, however, traced to an online service that is known as PlayNET, this PlayNET licensed it to Quantum link which makes it known online in November 1985.

How to Create an AOL mail Account

When you want to create an AOL account you have to follow the steps given to you discreetly without leaving any steps out.  The following are ways you can create an AOL mail account.

  • Go to the main AOL page at www.AOL.com
  • Click on the join at the right-hand corner of the page
  • Click sign up at the screen bottom
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Enter your phone number and credential for your birth
  •  Type in your gender
  • Click on the continue
  • Then enter the other requested information

Once all of these gave been settled, you have successfully created the AIL mail account. if you need any help, AOL lives technical support is available once you are encountering problems with your AOL account. You can also upgrade the mail account to a paid one once, you feel like it. The next step is on how to log in. Continue reading so as not to miss out.

AOL Log in

The AOL login is very simple and easy and is not as long as the steps when creating the account newly. All you have to do is to follow the steps that will be listed for you below.

  • Visit the main AOL page at ww.AOL.com
  • Click on the login
  • Enter your username, email, or mobile click on the next icon
  • Follow the remaining steps to login

Congratulations, you have successfully login to your AOL mail account. If you forget your password AOL helps you with these common issues. You can change, reset, manage your account security question and also manage your AOL username all in the account.

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