What exactly is Amazon? On the contrary, Amazon is actually known as an American multinational technology company that is located Seattle. The company is focus in various kinds of services such as e-commerce, cloud computing digital distribution, Grocery Store Consumer electronics, and Artificial intelligence. But what means the platform popular is that it’s an online shopping services where you can purchase millions of protect and get shipped to your location. As of today, Amazon is considered as one of the Big Four tech companies in the world which includes company like Google, Apple and Facebook.

Amazon - How to Create an Amazon Account

Furthermore, Amazon’s popularity comes from its well-establishment of a variety of industries through the use of technology innovation and scale. Based on online shopping or marketplace and other ranges like AI assistance provider and also Cloud computing platform, it considered the largest in the worlds. Plus, the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is the second the Richest Person in the World. However, its an innovating platform which started off in selling books, and right now, it’s into different kinds of services.

List of Products and Services Provided

On the contrary, Amazon is actually involved in the different kinds of services and products. But the starting point of the social was selling book to thousands of people. Now, the company is expanded in providing people where they can download and stream videos, music, audiobooks and lots other explanations through the following product or services.

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Prime
  • AWS
  • Alexa
  • Appstore
  • Amazon Drive
  • Echo
  • Kindle
  • Fire tablets
  • Fire Tv
  • Kindle Store
  • Music Unlimited
  • Amazon Studio
  • Digital Games Store and lots more.

On the contrary, these are small compare to what is expected of you. However, for users or people to access the services, it required that you create an account. This will give you the opportunity to shop online, sell items on amazon, and access more of the products & services.

How to Create an Amazon Account

Aside from the product and services, the company owns over 40 subsidiaries which includes company link A9.com, Amazon Maritime, IMDb, Audible.com. Kiva Systems, Zappos and more. In creating an account, you need the following steps:

  • Go to www.amazon.com on your browser.
  • Click the icon “Hello, Sign in” at the top right corner of the page.
  • Also, click the option Create your Amazon account.
  • This will direct you to the registration portal
  • Enter Your name
  • Email address on the textbox.
  • Afterward, you can create a strong password that includes at least 6 characters.
  • Re-enter the password again and click Create your Amazon account.

After creating your account, then you need to confirm your email address, by visiting your email account. Then you can copy/paste the code to the section where you need to verify the account. Once that’s complete, you can then explore the product. Also, your account gives your access to services like Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Gift Cards, and lots more protection or services that require the need of an account.