Amazon Credit Card Payment

What is and how do I make my Amazon Credit Card Payment? Just like every other credit card, you need to make a payment for your Amazon credit card. This payment covers maintenance, card bills, and others and it also makes a lot, easier for you which includes shopping and paying bills online after making a purchase. So, do you want to get to know how to make payments for your Amazon credit card? Reading through this article is a good idea.

Amazon Credit Card Payment

In the meantime, Amazon has provided different ways for credit card users to make their payments. These methods are very easy to process. The best thing about this payment is that is only done once a month. Then after the payment, you can use the card for your shopping bill payments and much more.

What is Amazon Credit Card Payment All About?

Every Amazon cardholder needs to be aware of the Amazon credit card payment. This is because this payment helps them maintain and protect their card. However, the card’s payment is a kind of payment required for all cardholders to make. It is a monthly payment that comes alongside your credit card and keeps it safe, protected, and effective. Every month, this payment will be required and needed to be made. And late payment attracts an extra fee.

Amazon Credit Card Payment Online

One step to making your card payment is online. Using an online payment method is a very fast and easy way to make your credit card payment. Also, Amazon has ensured that making credit card payments online for this credit card is easy to do. And in less than 5 minutes, you can make your payments. So, below are the steps to make Amazon credit card payments online;

  • Log in to your Amazon credit card account.
  • Place your payment details in the given space.
  • Click on view and make payments.
  • Select what you want to make payment for.
  • Enter payment date.
  • Fill in the routing number of your bank.
  • Also, enter your checking account number.
  • Click on confirm.

Now that you have done this, you have officially made your payment payments online. By following these steps correctly, you can make your payments easily.

Amazon Credit Card Payment by Phone

If you do not want to make use of the online payment method, you can make use of your Smartphone. Payment by phone requires you to place a call to Amazon’scustomer care and meet some requirements to make the payment. However, to make your payment by phone, you need to follow up on the below steps.

  • Visit the Amazon credit card website to get your mobile number.
  • When you get it, make a call to the number.
  • Hang on for the prompts.
  • Click 2 on your keypad.
  • Keep your ears down for the prompts.
  • Press number one on your keypad.
  • Insert your Amazon store card account number for identification.
  • Follow up on the required process to complete the process.

After doing this, you have officially followed up on the steps and made your payments. However, ensure to have a calling card to carry out this process.

Payment by Mail

Another way to make your payment is through the mail. However, making payments through the mail is very easy and fast. But if you are finding it difficult to pay by mail but using the mail is your preferred way of making payments. Here are steps you can follow below to make your Payment by Mail;

  • Write out your money order or check to the Amazon/Synchrony bank.
  • Enter all the requirements.
  • Send your payment to the Synchrony Bank/Amazon mail address which you will find on their credit card website.

By doing this, you have made your payment for your Amazon credit card.

Amazon Credit Card Payment Due Date

If you are an Amazon cardholder, you need to know when to make your payment. Depending on your credit card data, in a minimum of 23 days, your card’s bill will be due and ready for payment. After these days, you need to make your payments.

Amazon Credit Card Payment Price

When your credit card payment gets due, you need to make your payments. However, the payment fee is now about $14.99 per month and $139 per year. You are required to pay this payment by 5 pm due time and if late, you will be charged an extra fee of $40 alongside your payment fee.